Sydney’s Scrumptious Egg Breakfasts


TrueLocal - Cornersmith: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Sydney


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Ethical food always tastes just a little bit nicer (thanks to a generous sprinkling of noble heroism!), and good old Cornersmith serves nothing but the ethicalest. It’s a cosy, friendly, family-run sort of place, and the delicious menu is testament to proper culinary endeavours.
Eggceptional egg dish: Spring Salad with feta, poached eggs, pumpkin and sesame chutney served with toasted rye. Read more

This place is very popular, very busy on weekends. Good coffee and great food, will be back again. – Doug Handles

TrueLocal - Kin by Us: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Sydney

Kin by Us

Macquarie Park
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Asian-influenced flavours crafted from the freshest Australian produce sounds like a winning combination to us. It certainly tastes like one, too! The mixture of stalwart classics and creative surprises means you’re always going to find something good, however adventurous you?re feeling.
Eggceptional egg dish: Miso Yummy miso salmon, onsen eggs, sesame spinach, sourdough. Read more

It was quite hilarious when my parents ordered a “large latte” and it came served in a bowl! They’ve definitely understood the definition of large! There aren’t enough words to describe how good the food was. I chose the ‘Miso Yummy’ and it was my favourite by far! I also tasted the congee, the waffle belly, and BFF Bun which were all high quality delights. – kningja

TrueLocal - The Baron: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Sydney

The Baron

Castle Hill
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From breakfast to brunch to boozin’ time (all of which are fairly interchangeable, really), The Baron is a lovely spot in the hills for nourishment, catching up with friends, celebrations, or simply settling down for the day with a good book. Whatever you want, The Baron’s got your back.
Eggceptional egg dish: Pulled Pork Benny.Read more

The food is delicious and fresh with a focus on generous portions and American influenced. Coffee is really nice too and love the almond milk option. – Bare Essentials

TrueLocal - Sonoma Baking Company: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Sydney

Sonoma Baking Company

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Here in Sydney, the Sonoma bread range is practically worshipped as some kind of pantheon of fresh, doughy gods. There’s nothing quite like the gorgeous scents that emanate from this bakery-café combo in full swing, and it’s no accident that this is many folks’ absolute favourite brekkie spot.
Eggceptional egg dish: Baked eggs with chorizo and potato. Read more

Close your eyes and point to anything on the menu and I guarantee it’ll be delicious! This is definitely one of a handful of great foody places in Sydney – Aurora Cleaning

TrueLocal - Civilian Bar & Kitchen: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Sydney

Civilian Bar & Kitchen

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With a bountiful array of delectable dishes, made exclusively from local and sustainable farm-fresh ingredients, you can rest assured that you are always in for proper eatin’ experience at Civilian. Expect nothing but the best from this leading inner-city restaurant, and let the deliciousness commence!
Eggceptional egg dish: Civilian Eggs Benedict with toasted English muffins, snow pea tendrils, Bronte wood smoked bacon, poached eggs and our house made champagne hollandaise. Read more

Located in a unique open-yard space housing several great restaurants, Civilian Bar & Kitchen is the largest restaurants out of the bunch, providing modern lounge-like open atmosphere on the inside and the brunch-style experience on the covered outdoor area. The area is pretty quiet and thus very beautiful for brunch or breakfast during weekends! – Easternian

TrueLocal - Circa Espresso: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Sydney

Circa Espresso

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Circa Espresso excels in simple, unpretentious dishes infused with a swirl of healthy creativity. Expect genuinely exciting food options and a serious selection headache. The coffee isn?t too shabby either, as you can probably tell by the name, which makes this place a true bastion of breakfast.
Eggceptional egg dish: The baked eggs free ranged eggs with sujuk, Danish feta, diced tomatoes with a hint of chilli and sourdough toast. Read more

Circa has been one of the most popular brunch locations in Parra for quite a while. They add their own flair to simple dishes which is what stood out for me. I really enjoyed their Ottoman eggs, the first time I visited, and subsequently also enjoyed their baked eggs.- kningja


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