Sydney’s Sumptuous Schnitzel Spots

Hail, fellow schnitzel-maniacs! Read on and prepare to salivate.

TrueLocal - Bavarian Bier Cafe: The best schnitzel in Sydney

Nowhere does beer quite like Bavaria, so you can’t fault Bavarian Bier Cafe’s choice of inspiration. Nor can you fault their cooking, which could’ve come straight from the woodland table of some kindly 19th century frau.
Schnicest schnitty: Vienna-Style chicken breast. It’ll really put some feathers on yer chest. Read more

Good place to spend a Friday night. It has a loud busy atmosphere so don’t go here expecting a quite night. The beer is good and the food is decent as well. I tried the schnitzel which I found quite nice –SallyW1

TrueLocal - La Boheme European Restaurant & Bar: The best schnitzel in Sydney

Founded and run by two Czech couples in 2007, La Boheme has swiftly grown into a powerhouse of fine Sydney feastery. The interior resembles a big fairytale cottage, and the chefs worked in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic before settling in Australia. This place is the real deal.
Schnicest schnitty: Chicken Jager with mash, kraut salad and mushroom sauce. Read more

I had my 40th birthday here and it was smashing!! Thanks guys for the great food and even better wine…. Service was outstanding 🙂 –GreigMcLean

TrueLocal - The Goni's Schnitzelria: The best schnitzel in Sydney

From schnitzelhauses to schnitzelrias! Again, the pain of choice is the only drawback here, but there’s really no wrong answer. And the servings? Enormous! Veggie options and takeaway are available too so they’ve got everything covered.
Schnicest schnitty: “Montevideana.” Your choice of meat with smoked ham, melted cheese, homemade mustard mayo, green olives, red capsicum strips, and palmitos. Read more

If huge portions is what you’re after, this is the place for you. The best part is the whole family can get stuck into one plate or in this case platter. They specialize in Schnitzels Chicken pork veal and lamb. I have been a local since the new move from Petersham. I have tried the T-Rex Bone and the 850gm Rump, all are delicious give it a try very temping. – jimbreos

TrueLocal - The Austrian Schnitzelhaus: The best schnitzel in Sydney

Well, if it’s schnitzels you’re after, this place is probably a fairly safe bet. If only all things were so helpfully named… Anyway, the selection here boggles the mind, and each one is a freakin’ godsend.
Schnicest schnitty: The “Surf ‘n’ Turf”, which is your choice of meat topped with fried garlic prawns and Swiss cheese, served up with chips. Yes please! Read more

Some of the best schnitzels I’ve ever had and great when booking for a birthday. Not only great schnitzels, but good pork knuckle and other goodies on the menu. I’ve been following these guys ever since they were in Gladesville and they never disappoint! – JOJA

TrueLocal - The Forresters: The best schnitzel in Sydney

The Forresters

Surry Hills

A rip-roaring pub with genuinely friendly feel and a huge menu of glorious, well-prepared and highly affordable food, The Forresters is beautiful spot to stop by for a hearty helping of chicken schnitzel any day of the week.
Schnicest schnitty: Hawaiian. Napoli sauce, cheese, pepperoni and pineapple, with fries and slaw. Read more

This is a fun pub. A good, friendly crowd, perky bar staff. The food is tasty and unpretentious – bestpants

TrueLocal - Double Bay Schnitzel House: The best schnitzel in Sydney

By crikey, Sydney is good for schnitzel! Here at yet another wonderful dedicated schnitzel house, you’ll find all your favourite old-timey European recipes, and a load of swanky beers and wines to wash it all down with. They also deliver, because they’re just that good to us.
Schnicest schnitty: Hawaiian. Napoli sauce, cheese, pepperoni and pineapple, with fries and slaw. Read more

The old Una’s is still serving up generous portions of good quality schnitzel and potatoes. Perfect for hungry teenagers or a hangover meal. Reasonably priced. – Wilby Woo

TrueLocal - Lowenbrau Keller: The best schnitzel in Sydney

One-litre steins, staff clad in classical Bavarian garb, and great mountains of succulently juicy, meaty, doughy, marvellously wholesome food all over the place! Traditional Munich festivity is alive and well in Sydney, friends, and it’s right here at Lowenbrau Keller. Come, come, one and all!
Schnicest schnitty: Löwenschnitzel. Giant pork schnitzel with French fries and herb mayo. Read more

This place is awesome and we go there every time we visit Sydney. Easy to get to and great food, but most of all we love the atmosphere. The bar on the ground floor in the back has a traditional German appeal and of course you have a wide variety of beer to choose from. Can’t recommend highly enough. – Vibe13

TrueLocal - Una's Cafe Restaurant: The best schnitzel in Sydney

Una’s has been serving up the rich, home-cooked flavours of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary since the 1970s, and very few outside of those heavyweight culinary countries come close to matching it for authenticity. This is European food done proper, kids!
Schnicest schnitty: veal gypsy schnitzel with spicy tomato sauce, rösti and cabbage salad. Jawohl! Read more

One of my favourite places to go! Been visiting Una’s for ages and I always get a well-sized hearty meal. Most dishes are modestly priced in the $18-25 region, and the atmosphere is always fantastic! – Sam Blanchard

TrueLocal - Tommy's Beer Cafe: The best schnitzel in Sydney

We generally find that the best cafes are the ones that serve beer. Especially fancy, imported European beers. From Europe! Tommy’s Beer Cafe does just that, in addition to a hearty menu also inspired by the continent that brought you both iambic pentameter and the Vengaboys.
Schnicest schnitty: There’s lots of choice, but the Sizzling Hunter Schnitzel is only $15.99 on Tuesdays! Read more

Yummy as always, always a great place to eat. Will be going again for more delicious food soon. Thanks – zippy8


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