Adelaide’s Tantalising Tacos

Sumptuous, spicy and dripping with pure, unadulterated flavour.  Read on for Mexican deliciousness.

TrueLocal - Maiz and Mezcal: Tacos in Adelaide

Maiz and Mezcal

St Morris

If you’re not familiar with mezcal, just think of it as the big brother that tequila gets to beat up all the other drinks that are mean to it at school. Anyway, this place does traditional Mexican cuisine, and it does it spectacularly well. It’s all delicious, well-priced and served up in that special, south-of-the-border style. Read more

Have finally had the chance to try out Maiz and Mezcal and was not let down! The staff was really friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was great! The guacamole was amazing, the best I’ve had outside of Mexico! – Candycool121

TrueLocal - United Latino Cocina: Tacos in Adelaide

Despite what the name may sound like, United Latino Cocina is actually not a third-division Peruvian soccer team. It is, in fact, the perfect spot in Adelaide to swing by for a quick, fresh and downright delicious Mexican meal. Style and flavour go hand in hand here, and it’s guaranteed to fly straight to the top of your list of go-to food hotspots. Read more

Now I no longer have to plan a trip to Bedford Park to get my Lucky Lupita fix – they are conveniently located in the city! The chicken wings are a must eat. The chorizo hotdog was huge and tasty as was the pulled beef and beans dish. Can’t wait to try breakfast. – Kelly T

TrueLocal - Arriba Grill: Tacos in Adelaide

Arriba Grill


You know what the biggest problem with most Mexican places is? Their opening hours. Mostly that they have them at all. Arriba Grill does away with such archaic notions, staying open 24 hours a day to ensure that our dreams of tasty 4am burritos can finally be realised. Gracias, Arriba Grill! Read more

What can I say!! The nachos were second to none. Amazing flavour, packed full – seriously you will not walk away hungry from this place. if you are in the area, it is a must! Deliciou,s tasty quick food. staff are super friendly, and only too happy to help you add to your order or for that matter take things off. the use of fresh ingredients makes for a beautiful meal. Thanks guys! We loved it – TheMiddleIngredient

TrueLocal - Viva Zapata! Mexican Cantina: Tacos in Adelaide

Now here we have a cosy little restaurant that puts fulsome flavour above all else. Situated nicely on Semaphore Road, it’s a great little spot to stop by for some classic Mexican grub, as well as a few old Australian favourites and a whole load of seafood. Also, it used to be a police station, so don’t try anything funny, you hear? Read more

Quite an improvement on other Mexican around. The slushy magaritas are to die for and I particularly loved the vertical nachos. Owner is lovely and overall service is good, great location. Interested to try a few more items on the menu 🙂 – p2andjc


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