Brisbane’s Tantalising Tacos

Fancy a Mexican meal that will knock your socks off?  If you’re in Brisbane, check this lot out!

TrueLocal - Chidos Mexican Grill: Tacos in Brisbane

Fast, fresh and zesty (and specifically mentioning on their website that they don’t have sombreros on the wall), Chidos Mexican Grill is just a downright lovely place. Bright and breezy, the staff pride themselves on the impeccable quality of the ingredients they get in, and what they actually do with them isn’t half bad either. Give ’em a go! Read more

Very tasty. Service was very friendly. Plenty of parking and very easy to find. We had pulled pork and char grill steak tacos. They were delicious. Not too spicy. But you can get it hotter if you like. If we are in the area, we would definitely come back. – The healers

TrueLocal - The Survey Co.: Tacos in Brisbane

The Survey Co.


While not strictly a Mexican restaurant, the Mexican options this place offers are so good it deserves an honourable mention. Despite its unassuming name, The Survey Co. offers pure, old-fashioned elegance and fresh, beautifully-crafted cuisine, and it’s the place to go if you want Mexican food sans wall-mounted sombreros. Psst the pork belly tacos are a hit! Read more

This hip restaurant is situated in Burnett Lane just off the Brisbane Queen Street Mall. The laneway is a little daunting at night but well worth the discovery. We had an early booking before a show which was no problem. The service was efficient and meal delivery was well timed. – menumunchers

TrueLocal - Montezuma's Mexican Restaurant: Tacos in Brisbane

Speaking of inevitable wall-mounted sombreros, Montezuma’s is an Australian-owned chain of Mexican restaurants with a strong emphasis on authenticity (they even get their spices in from Mexico itself). It’s got a great family atmosphere, customisable levels of spiciness, and the kind of genuinely excellent food you don’t often associate with food chains. Read more

Where do I start? I love the food, I love the service and especially love the range of cocktails and mocktails. I had my birthday dinner here – it was a great atmosphere and it is definitely my favourite restaurant. I’ve never had a bad meal here the food is delicious 🙂 – beck1410

TrueLocal - Pancho's Mexican Restaurant: Tacos in Brisbane

What’s that? Did someone say wall-mounted sombreros? Arriba, Arriba! Ah well, this place gets away with it by virtue of its absurdly amazing food. From seafood to steaks to fajitas, and even through to the desserts, it’s all freshly-made, traditional Mexican goodness that you’re guaranteed to scoff down by the sombrero-full. Read more

Fantastic service and food, I highly recommend this place. Food is beautiful. You also must try the sangria. I first thought that it was ages away but it was only a 5 min drive from the M1. Definitely worth the drive out. Great for big and small bookings. – Jessica Cu

TrueLocal - Cactus Jack's: Tacos in Brisbane

Cactus Jack’s


Tex-Mex gets kind of a bad rap in this age of obsession with healthiness and authenticity, but that’s only when it’s done badly. The Tex-Mex at Cactus Jack’s is most certainly not done badly, and you’ll be hooked from the first succulent, flavoursome chomp. Read more

One of the best restaurants we’ve been to in a long time! The food was beautiful and came out quite quickly. The only downfall is that you cannot book for less then 5 people so to walk in and actually get a table you have to arrive at 5pm or before. – Krissy202


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