Melbourne’s Tantalising Tacos

Quick! It’s time for Mexican food!  Just pick one of these places and go there now!

TrueLocal - Fonda Mexican: Tacos in Melbourne

Fonda Mexican


In Mexico, the word “fonda” is used to describe a house with a kitchen that’s always open, where folks to gather together to tuck into some good, old-fashioned homemade cooking. In Australia, if you’re “fonda” something, it means you’re very attached to it. Put these together, you get a place you’re very attached to that serves delicious, authentic Mexican food! Read more

We were greeted on arrival by the friendly front of house and taken to a table promptly. The food came out promptly and together which was good. It’s great, yummy stuff, the corn was nice and tacos very good too. Reasonably priced place; would go there again. –whipcracks

TrueLocal - Touche Hombre: Tacos in Melbourne

Touche Hombre


This is an eclectic little spot where “tequila is more than shots”, “the walls are for painting on” and “big eats need big beats”. We have no idea what that means, but we can report that the food and the atmosphere are absolutely fantastic, and Touche Hombre is your one and only stop when it’s time to party, Mexican style. Read more

Delicious Mexican tapas. Young and buzzy crowd. The spicy, fatty lamb robs are amazing! – simonc22

TrueLocal - Mexicali Rose: Tacos in Melbourne

Mexicali Rose


While it might sound like the name of a reality TV star’s kid, Mexicali Rose has actually been quietly flying the flag for traditional Mexican cuisine in Melbourne for decades now. It’s cosy, elegantly presented, and the food is, quite simply, a marvel to behold. Read more

I can’t say anything bad about this restaurant, it’s my favourite! The food is delicious and it’s in a great area. Personally, I love the vegetarian chimichanga but the whole menu is fantastic! The best Mexican food I?ve eaten in Melbourne by far. – EleanorD

TrueLocal - Mamasita: Tacos in Melbourne



Mexican food is changing Australia, friends! No longer must we tolerate the stodgy tacos, soggy burritos or stale nachos that our American buddies convinced us were the real deal. Now we get the real real deal. Elotes callejeros, quesadillas and tostaditas piled to the heavens with all the fillings you could ever dream of, and a big enough selection of the finest tequilas to kill a large bear. Andale mamacita! Read more

This is one that lives up to the hype. The food is fresh, tasty and vibrant – like good Mexican should be. You won’t find your food coated in oily cheese like a lot of “Mexican” restaurants. Instead, the food celebrates all the flavours. The street style corn entree is amazing, highly recommend. The share style of the food makes it hard to pick a favourite main! – Laura Spencer

TrueLocal - Bluecorn: Tacos in Melbourne


St Kilda

Ahh, traditional Mexican with a unique, contemporary twist! If you ever fancy a flavoursome Mexican feast, but feel you’ve done it all already, Bluecorn is just the place to check out. Expect a classy atmosphere, a buzzing crowd and food that’ll rock your face off.Read more

Not your average Mexican restaurant. Unusual flavours, great service and friendly atmosphere. I would happily return even though Mexican is not my favourite. It’s not cheap but it’s classy. –starwoman8

TrueLocal - Tequila Mexican Restaurant: Tacos in Melbourne

All right, so it doesn’t have the most inventive name, but Tequila Mexican Restaurant more than makes up for it in style, flavour and pizazz. It’s got an enormous range of utterly irresistible Mexican starters, mains and deserts, and, unsurprisingly, doesn’t slack off on the drinks front too. Also, it was voted best the Mexican place in South Yarra by Facebook users. And if anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s Facebook users. Read more

Fresh food, awesome taste, good ambiance. Loved the chimachangas. – geetos

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