Sydney’s Tantalising Tacos

…And burritos, and enchiladas and nachos.  Here’s our cheeky Mexican recommendations!

TrueLocal - Playa Takeria: Tacos in Sydney

Playa Takeria


Playa Takeria takes its name from the two primary inspirations behind its formation: the delectable flavours of authentic Mexican taquerias, and the mysterious stylings of the exotic Playa del Carmen region in the Mexican Caribbean. In short, it’s pretty damn Mexican (you probably figured that out), and it’s also a beautiful, yummy delight! Read more

Fantastic authentic Mexican food. Good price, beautiful food and atmosphere. Can’t wait to be back. – Isolabella

TrueLocal - Dos Senoritas: Tacos in Sydney

Dos Senoritas


If you’re looking for the real deal, this place does not mess around. Head chef Domingo Medina hails from Guadalajara, Mexico, and seems to have made his life’s mission to fatten up the entire population of Sydney. He does this by serving up enormous portions of authentic Mexican food so delicious that you simply can’t stop eating it. Read more

I do love the food at Dos Senoritas, especially the fish tacos. One thing is certain, no one will leave this place hungry! – chopsticks

TrueLocal - El Loco: Tacos in Sydney

El Loco

Surry Hills

Quick, fun, tasty, and situated right next to a pub (which automatically improves anything by roughly 4000%), El Loco certainly lives up to its name. It’s the kind of place you go when you decide you’re just really happy to be alive, and want to celebrate with great food, great drink, a lively crowd and atmosphere to spare. Read more

Fun, vibrant atmosphere and it is great to find yummy Mexican food without the cheesy music and ambience of other places. El Loco is more like a casual hangout for friends looking for a nice cold drink, takeaway simplicity, but restaurant-quality food. – atan7

TrueLocal - Chica Bonita: Tacos in Sydney

Chica Bonita


A little swankier than your average Mexican food joint (hey, it’s won an award for its food, after all) Chica Bonita emphasises style and elegance in its design. This combines with the fulsome, fabulous flavours of Mexico to devastating effect, which means a single visit is all it takes to get you hooked. Not that you’ll complain, of course.Read more

Finally made it here and enjoyed it. Portions are small but pricing is reasonable for it, most plates are $10 for four small bites and $5 tacos. The margaritas are good too, for $9. It’s always busy so get there early. – mins

TrueLocal - Norfolk Hotel: Tacos in Sydney

Norfolk Hotel


The Norfolk Hotel? Norfolk isn’t in Mexico! It’s a soggy place in England where people don’t have internet and look at you funny when you walk in their mouldy old pubs! Oh, what? $3 tacos on Tuesday, you say? Well, then! If you prefer to enjoy your Mexican food amidst traditional Aussie surroundings, the Norfolk Hotel may be just the place for you, amigo. Read more

Really like this bar. Went for $3 tacos on Tuesday and they were yummy. It’s quite a big bar with a few different areas. One side is very styled with trinkets and has a back nook. The other side is the more popular with a big seating area to the front then a long bar that runs along the right wall. At the back there is a square courtyard in the middle of buildings with a right inside dining area. – SBC84

TrueLocal - Beach Burrito Company: Tacos in Sydney

Beach Burrito Company

North Bondi

Beaches and burritos are a winning combination, and this realisation is the very cornerstone of Beach Burrito Company’s success. Scoffing down fresh, traditional Mexican food with a few unique twists as you gaze out into the beautiful sights of Bondi Beach? Si, por favor! Read more

Tex-Mex success. If you love Bondi and Mexican food you will LOVE Beach Burrito. Whether you’re coming from the beach for a frozen margarita and lunch or meeting friends for some coronas and dinner this is the place to be. Mexican madness is the best way to describe the atmosphere with colourful orange, pink and yellow interiors packed full of cheerful, chattering, chomping people. – C Sandiego

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