The Tastiest Sushi in Melbourne

Sushi, noun, enPR – soosh’i: The Japanese word for delicious.

TrueLocal - Wabi Sabi Garden: Sushi in Melbourne

Wabi Sabi Garden

St Kilda

You want authentic? We’ll give you authentic! St. Kilda’s Wabi Sabi Garden is the kind of place you head to really immerse yourself in the wonderful flavours and uniquely tranquil ambience of a proper, no-nonsense Japanese meal. Read more

Whether you’re looking for a lunchtime bento box or a sit-in meal, this is a place to experience a delicious and authentic Japanese meal. You can order Japanese style tapas to share with friends from the dinner menu. – starwoman8

TrueLocal - Ichi Ni Izakaya: Sushi in Melbourne

Ichi Ni Izakaya

St Kilda

Have you ever tried balsamic vinegar ice cream? Because you haven’t truly tried ice cream until you’ve tried the balsamic vinegar variety. Sound terrifying? Absolutely! But nobody ever found their new favourite dessert without taking a few risks. The only slight hitch is that you might have trouble fitting it in after you’ve gorged yourself on all the other delectable courses on offer here. Read more

Love love love this place!!! Number 1 for Japanese and great atmosphere 🙂 – pkristian

TrueLocal - Kaneda Sushi: Sushi in Melbourne

Kaneda Sushi


You want authentic? Well, you’ve found it! At Kaneda Sushi, you can expect traditional Japanese food made by Japanese chefs with a total commitment to genuine Japanese quality. It’s pretty Japanese here, so why waste thousands of dollars on a plane ticket when you can just head to Kaneda Sushi? Read more

Kaneda is just a great cosy place to have Japanese tapas. From previous experience, I had to come back and try other items on the menu. Enjoying the delicate sashimi to start with and this time around between a few of us we ordered a few tapas dishes to share. Just as good and authentic experience as the first time; the staff makes you feel as though you are in Japan. – teepee001

TrueLocal - Ben-k Sushi House: Sushi in Melbourne

Ben-k Sushi House packs a vibrant menu, simply bristling with a multitude of enticing culinary choices spanning the whole of Japan. You’ll find all your old favourites here, plus a load of tasty new surprises, each prepared with the kind of loving care you’d expect from such a reputable establishment. Whoever this mysterious Ben-k is, he sounds like a pretty cool bloke. Read more

Family-friendly, simple restaurant. Early dinner eat-in on Sunday is popular with families with young kids. Non-noisy environment is ideal for a relaxed family meal. Dinner special is on offer and the many choices on the eat-in menu are budget-friendly. The meals are refreshing and tasty. Service is very good. – werxj

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