Fight Off The Cold At Adelaide’s Hottest Tiki Bars

Calling all Adelaidians! Although the weather might be cooling down, that’s no reason to huddle up indoors. What do we mean? Well, it’s time for some seriously tropical cocktails! We’ve rounded up the perfect venues, so all you have to do is choose and drink up!


The Amazon Basin


Asian tapas, yummy drinks and the biggest indoor Amazon aquarium in Adelaide? Sounds like a good time! The Amazon Basin is a tranquil blue haven of local produce and exceptional hospitality, and well worth a visit anytime. Naturally, the cocktails are all fish themed, and we’d highly recommend the Red Bellied Piranha. Imagine a deliciously alcoholic Ribena…

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Fumo Blu


Ahh, Fumo Blu! It’s a classic, and simply can’t be excluded from any list involving Adelaide cocktail bars (tiki or otherwise). It continues the tropical theme too, boasting a colourful old aquarium filled with tropical fish and coral. It’s always hard to pick a single cocktail here, but the Piñata is definitely a good start. It’s tequila, pineapple, lime and almond, and very easy to drink far too much of.

“Haven’t been out in a while, let alone to this place, but even on a cold Saturday night, Fumo Blu is still busy. Can’t see why it wouldn’t be though – good location, cool joint and great cocktails (still!) staff are always friendly and perky, always makes the night more pleasing.” – xbabydollx


Thrift Shop Bar


A recent addition to the city’s bar scene, Thrift Shop proudly serves nothing but 100% Australian spirits. After all, if you’re going to have a cocktail, it might as well be patriotic! This funky little spot takes its thrift moniker seriously, and there’s always something to catch your eye (from antique suitcases to old-timey records). Try an exquisitely spiced rum Man-go-co-co, and start dreaming of white beaches and crystal clear seas.

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Lotus Lounge


One of the cosiest cocktail joints in town, Lotus Lounge is all plush leather chairs, relaxing décor and seriously good service. Speaking of which, the talented folks behind the bar can mix practically anything with style and aplomb, and you really have to sample their take on the classic Zombie cocktail. Oh, and don’t forget to say hi to the Buddha as you head out to the Balinese backyard!

“Always consistent, Always fun, Cocktails are wonderful. Love it!!” –Edie Sedgewick


Bar Cuba


With its lush green curtains, glowing marble bar and snazzy couches, Bar Cuba creates quite the dazzling impression. It’s also got one of the largest fine rum collections in Australia, and certainly knows what to do with it. ‘The Cable Car’, for example, is a lovely blend of spiced rum, orange curacao, sugar syrup and lemon juice, served in a cinnamon sugar-rimmed martini glass. Yum!

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