5 Tiki Bars In Perth To Visit For An Awesome Time

There’s nothing quite like sipping on a fruity, tropical cocktail with the sun on your shoulders and the sound of ocean waves around you. Well, it’s heading into Winter and it’s a bit hard to drink cocktails at the beach these days, but we’ve come close with these five awesome tiki bars in Perth!

Image credit Hula Bula Facebook
Image credit Hula Bula Facebook

Hula Bula Bar

East Perth

If you’re opening a tiki bar, you might as well go for broke. Hula Bula cuts no corners in whisking you away to your very own slice of tropical paradise, and every square inch is filled with palm leaves, totems, dangling skulls, snakes, masks, flowers, and enough bamboo to construct a mid-sized city. Cocktails abound, of course, but you should definitely try the sweet, sour and slushy Shrunken Head.

“This bar is a little hard to find but it’s a little gem when you do. The atmosphere is great along with drinks and the staff. You feel like you are on a holiday island…” – Rambo69

Image credit Tiki Beat Facebook
Image credit Tiki Beat Facebook

Tiki Beat Bar


Tiki Beat Bar is an eclectic, beautifully decorated triumph. The wall murals are striking, the fittings drip with Polynesian flair, and the rum selection is fantastic. Speaking of which, do you like pina colada? They do a damn good one here, with Havana Club, white rum, Malibu, coconut rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk.

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Choo Choo’s


Not quite a tiki bar, but certainly rivalling one in the drinks department (they can match totem pole cocktail beakers with anyone), Choo Choo’s is a super cool little bar big on live music and effortless style. The cocktail menu is wonderfully fresh and varied, and the Lychee Life is always a good choice. That’s Tapioca Pearls, Soho Lychee Liqueur, fresh lychees, pink grapefruit and lemonade. Refreshing!

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Image credit 399 Facebook
Image credit 399 Facebook



We can’t talk about cocktail bars without giving 399 its due! This casual haunt has long been a favourite of those seeking merriment in Northbridge, and the master mixologists behind the bar are determined to help them find it. The Havana Club Mojito is described as “the most simple and delicious expression of rum around”, with fresh mint, Cuban rum, limes, raw sugar and crushed ice. And frankly, we’d have to agree!

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Bob’s Bar


Whoever this Bob bloke is, he certainly knows how to run a rooftop bar. This place is great! The food’s good (especially the fried chicken – they somehow manage to make it crunchy and tender), the views are sweeping, and the cocktails are fun, tasty and highly creative. We’re particularly partial to the deliciously tropical ‘Beached As’, which consists of kiwi fruit, Saint James Imperial, elderflower and Thai basil. We promise that if you order that one, you’ll have a whale of a time!

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