Top 5 Spots For An After-Work Bevvie

Whatever line of work you’re in, an end-of-day drink (Mad Men style, baby!) is an excellent way to relax and unwind. We’ve rounded up our five favourite spots for a hearty bout of 5pm merriment. Bottoms up!


Image credit: Lobo Plantation Facebook Page

The Lobo Plantation


Another bar enriched with the style and vigour of the past, The Lobo Plantation is a sprawling palace of classical New Orleans opulence. The winding staircase, French sofas, plush armchairs and baroque carpets all contribute to a wonderful sense of indulgence, and the rum flows very freely. Our favourite mix is the fruity, ginger-spiced Rum Cannonball, but there’s plenty more to choose from!

“This place impressed right from the door. The door host was fun and welcoming, the fitout was on another level and an energetic bar team turned out the most delicious cocktails. Simply a must.” – jay-illy


Melbourne Bar Madame Brussels
Image credit: Madame Brussels

Madame Brussels


Kitsch, sexy and impeccably AstroTurfed, Madame Brussels is a secret world of cartoon poshness and Gatsby-esque fun. From the tennis-attired staff to the trellis booths, the whole setup just oozes playful, knowingly over-the-top opulence. This is one of Melbourne’s very best rooftop bars, and the rich spring cocktail jugs are simply to die for, dahling.

“Hidden up at the top of a building on Bourke Street, this place is all character and then some! I’m always one for themed spaces, and this definitely fits the bill with its AstroTurf, brick walkways, and tennis-short-attired waitstaff. Even at the tail end of winter, a garden party was a great scene for a sweatered teapot full of mulled wine to share.” – Littleberk


Brisbane Bar John mills Himself

John Mills Himself


Famously good coffee by day; proper Australian booze by night. It’s the John Mills way, and this historic old building offers charming respite to all who crave it after a long day. The old brick walls and slick, modern bar give the interior a wonderfully timeless feel, and it’s the kind of place you could quite happily hang around in forever. A chugable bounty of fine local beer awaits!

“Went here for a cocktail. Great hidden bar. Liked that the whole menu was Australian spirits and the cocktails were really inspired. One guy behind the bar, but he was awesome and gave great service.” – Anna9003


Perth Bar Wolf Lane
Image credit: Wolf Lane

Wolf Lane


Fairytale meets cocktail at Wolf Lane, where gorgeous murals line the walls, plush old sofas dot the hardwood floors, and antique suitcases hang from the ceiling for no discernible reason. Well, other than that it looks cool as hell. “Unique” is definitely the word here, and it really is like stepping into a strange, boozy storybook (the best kind, of course). Forget real life and embrace a bit of fantasy.

Have you and your workmates ventured down the Wolf Lane rabbit hole yet? Let us know what you thought right here!


Adelaide Bar Proof
Image credit: Proof Facebook



If the proof is in the pudding, then we’ve got a hell of a pudding for you this time. Proof is a lovely mix of fresh cocktails, international wines and some of the yummiest toasties in Adelaide, all wrapped up in a deliciously dark and polished venue. The rustic rooftop is ideal for post-work refreshments, so don’t be surprised if it becomes your new regular haunt.

“Tried the lonely hunter cocktail the other night for after work drinks and it was darn good. They also gave us vegemite flavored pepitas to pick on as which were different but addictive. Service was great just as last time. I’m sure I’ll be back again :)” – xbabydollx


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