Follow the Brisbane Local Stars Food Safari

Brisbane Food Safari

From fancy cocktails to an elegant dinner plus mouth-watering ice cream sandwiches, discover our journey on the True Local Food Safari in Brisbane. Our Local Stars were treated to an evening of great food and good company as an appreciation for being our top reviewers.

The night began at Jade Buddha, a trendy bar that overlooked the illuminating Story Bridge and served delicious insta-worthy cocktails.

The food safari continued to Customs House Restaurant, one of Brisbane’s heritage icons, with a relaxed ambience and again with an incredible view of Story Bridge. We were given an exclusive tour down the cellar where the restaurant’s best mushrooms were unexpectedly grown. The professional service and delicately prepared dishees topped the experience as lively vibes continued to flow throughout the night.

Final destination. Mister Fitz Ice cream – boy, was this a treat! It was the ideal way to end the night on a sweet note as we enjoyed a couple of cheeky ice cream sandwiches at one of Brisbane’s best dessert parlours.


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