Brisbane’s Top Spots for Raw and Vegan Treats

Contrary to popular belief, vegans can indeed have fun, especially when it comes to food, as you’ll soon discover… We’ve rounded out the best and yummiest raw and vegan treats in the city so grab your friends because we’re going on the healthiest food adventure yet!


Image credit: The Green Edge
Image credit: The Green Edge

The Green Edge


The Green Edge has a simple motto: “Greener, kinder, healthier”. It’s the sort of ethos that we can really get behind, especially when their food is this good! This friendly vegan cafe/grocery shop does a must-try mushroom burger, with slow-roasted chilli mushroom flats, house dressing, vegan cheese, mango chutney and salad. Filling and delicious!

“The Green Edge has been a wonderful resource for my partner and I. We love that we can run in for a quick shop or bite or stick around and linger in their dining area. We can always count on getting nutritious and delicious meals that are completely vegan and often also gluten free. I always recommend this place to friends or people I meet through Brisbane’s vegan community.” – derv_o

Image credit: Vege Rama
Image credit: Vege Rama

Vege Rama


It may sound like a spinoff of Bananarama, but Vege Rama is, in fact, a fresh and multifaceted vegan takeaway joint. Its menu draws on influences from all over the world, from Thailand to Italy to India, and the lasagne is frankly awesome. It’s made from layered eggplant and seasonal veg, smothered in oat milk béchamel sauce and buckets of vegan cheese. Glorious. Truly glorious.

“Pretty amazing food! I’m not vegetarian/vegan but eat here a lot. Love the salads, get one at least once a week and they never disappoint.” – MountKer


Image credit: Coco Bliss
Image credit: Coco Bliss

Coco Bliss Superfood Bar


Dessert time! We’ll begin at Coco Bliss, where smoothies, acai bowls, juices, salads combine to form a sumptuous menu bursting with powerful superfoodery. It’s raw, healthy heaven, and the Clean Choc Fudge Brownie Sundae is one of its sweetest angels. Chocolate brownie, vanilla coconut “ice cream”, cacao, whipped coconut yoghurt, fudge sauce, strawberries… all raw, vegan and gluten free. Pure perfection.

“The acai bowls are out of this world. The price of these bowls can range from $12-13, which is reasonably priced for the large serve. There is a range of smoothies and juices available, the price of these drinks can be expensive at times. Futhermore there is also slices, salads and chia puddings available to buy with coffee. Cocobliss is a well thought business.” – sophiabruggemann

Image credit: Botanica

Botanica Real Food

Red Hill

This isn’t just food; this is Botanica Real Food! Based in a lovely Red Hill heritage building, this local bastion of fine, healthy eats is all about filling you up the right way. Of course, that doesn’t prohibit a little indulgence every now and then, hence the alluring array of cupcakes and cookies. If you ask us, you just can’t beat the dairy, egg and gluten-free Vegan Brownie with Coconut Caramel. Mmm…

“Botanica offers delicious healthy salads, crusty breads and sweet treats. A great place to pop in to grab a salad or two to take to a BBQ or have for an easy lunch.” – Sammy+

Image credit: Bohemian Raw
Image credit: Bohemian Raw

Bohemian Raw

Airlie Beach

As Bohemian Raw likes to say, “your vibe determines your tribe” and we’re getting some pretty good vibes from this haven of healthy eating. You can always be sure of good company as you settle for some utterly delectable vegan superfood ice cream. And hey, if it’s too cold for that, there’s always the raw cakes!

Did Bohemian Raw satisfy your sweet tooth? Tell us about it right here!

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