5 Must-Try Vegan Havens in Perth

From velvety cakes to hearty mac and cheese, there’s nothing they can’t veganise these days. Check out our pick of the best places in Perth for a delicious raw and vegan meal!


Image credit: Something Raw Cafe
Image credit: Something Raw Cafe

Something Raw Cafe


Something Raw has a very self-explanatory name, which we always appreciate. It does indeed serve delectable raw goodies, which are all wonderfully fresh and absolutely packed with flavour. And the service is top notch, too. We’d highly recommend the Green Toasty, with marinated mushrooms, avocado, spinach, Kalamata olives and, of course… Bio Cheese. How can you go wrong?

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Image credit: Genesis in the Hills
Image credit: Genesis in the Hills

Genesis in the Hills


A tranquil, leafy retreat set far away from the stress of the city, Genesis is idyllic healthy dining at its very best. The menu is 100% vegetarian, with many vegan choices and plenty of others that can be made vegan upon request. If you can’t decide, go for the Asian Tempeh Wrap, stuffed with seared and marinated tempeh, avocado, assorted fresh vegetables and house-made Peking sauce. It’ll have even the most dedicated carnivores coming back for seconds.

“This is a divine location in the Hills. It has a reasonable range of breakfast and lunch options – as well as delicious cakes! The food is vegan and vegetarian but even the meat-eaters in your group will not be left unsatisfied. The staff are largely nice and helpful. I have been here twice and would go again.” – Jasminescent

Image credit: Flora and Fauna
Image credit: Flora and Fauna

Flora & Fauna


One of Perth’s leading vegie joints, Flora & Fauna never disappoints. The food is always fantastic, and the staff are some of the loveliest people we’ve ever met in all our years. Not convinced? Just order the vegan mac ‘n’ cheese! All of your doubts will melt away in a heart-warming mass of hot, filling deliciousness.

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Image credit: The Raw Kitchen
Image credit: The Raw Kitchen

The Raw Kitchen


With its elegant simplicity and bright, spacious layout (it used to be a warehouse), The Raw Kitchen is a very nice place to find yourself. The scattered plants, comfy seating and rustic style all contribute to a lovely dining atmosphere, and the vegan desserts are awesome. You seriously have to try the Organic Bliss Balls! Our favourite’s chocolate mint, but there’s plenty more flavours to choose from. Or you can try them all – we won’t judge!

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Image credit: The Little Shop of Plenty
Image credit: The Little Shop of Plenty

The Little Shop of Plenty


The Little Shop of Plenty was once a mechanic’s workshop, although you’d never realise it was ever anything other than a charming little vegan restaurant. The raw pizzas and lunch bowls are gorgeous, but if you get just one thing, make sure it’s the Cocowhip soft serve. Toppings vary by day, but it’s always utterly sublime. Then there are all the raw fudges and cakes to work your way through…

“That was my first time and also the first time for the two ladies who joined me, We all had something different so we could see what the food was like. Everything was given a double tick. I had my usual flat white but I tasted the two teas ordered by the others – one a coconut which we had never had before and the other a well being tea which tasted of mint – a tick for both of them.” – Jamall

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