Delectable Vodka Cocktails In Canberra

Vodka cocktails are the cornerstone of any healthy diet, we always say. Have fun with this lot!

Image credit: Hippo + Co
Image credit: Hippo + Co

Hippo Co


Hippo Co is everyone’s favourite cross between a cosy hunter’s cabin and a swingin’ jazz club. Although primarily known as a whiskey bar, this place can vodka it up with the best of them, as proven by its punchy Black Run cocktail. That’s Wyborowa vodka, Tambourine Mountain toffee liqueur and Tupelo Coffee Co espresso. Bold and beautiful!

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Joe’s Bar


Joe’s Bar is a pleasing mix of stylish décor, soft lighting and New Agey knickknacks, and it’s very popular indeed for both its ambience and its modern Italian food. The cocktails aren’t half bad either, with Joe’s “Apple-Ginger-Tini” being the pick of the bunch when it comes to vodka. It’s made of Skyy vodka, schnapps, apple, ginger, lemon and sugar syrup, and always hits all the right notes.

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Image credit: Lucky's Speakeasy
Image credit: Lucky’s Speakeasy

Lucky’s Speakeasy


Embrace the ‘20s spirit at Lucky’s Speakeasy, a hip and swanky bar that harkens back to the days of dapper gents, flapper dresses and a certain air of sophistication. You’ll take a trip back in time when you’re dancing away and happily sipping on Lucky Speakeasy’s refreshing Cider Smash, a delightful vodka cocktail you won’t soon forget.

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Polit bar


A venerable staple of the local cocktail scene, Polit Bar has been around since the actual 1920s! This laid-back old place has pretty much seen it all, and remains a top choice for any night out on the gleaming Canberra tiles. Especially if you order a few of the lovely Fairy Godmothers they do here! Amaretto and vodka is a match made in heaven, after all. In fact, it’s practically a wish come true!

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Treehouse Bar


If you’ve never spent your night stuck up a tree, this may be the closest you’ll ever get. Treehouse Bar is a triumph of breezy, rustic style, offering up a rich bounty of food and drink to tempt anyone’s taste buds. The Strawberry Blonde is a fabulous concoction indeed, and it’s comprised of vanilla vodka, demerara sugar, ginger beer, muddled lime and Chambord.

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As you can see, Canberra’s the place to be when it comes to vodka. If you’ve got a moment, please rate and review these bars on True Local. Cheers!

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