5 of the Best Vodka Cocktails In Hobart

It’s cocktail time once more, and we’re in a vodka-ish kind of mood. Check out these bad boys!

Image credit: BarCelona
Image credit: BarCelona



A trendy staple of Salamanca Square, BarCelona is a spacious warehouse conversion with friendly vibes and a flair for good food. As for liquids, you can’t beat the French Martini, with vodka, fresh pineapple and raspberry Liqueur. Oh, and all cocktails are just $15 on Wednesday nights and $10 during Friday happy hour, so you know when to head down!

“The service was great with friendly bubbly staff meeting us on entering and keeping us well served throughout lunch.” – Matthew Chantrey


Brunswick Hotel


Our next enticing concoction can be found at the Brunswick Hotel, one of the oldest pubs in the land. Head down for the Parisienne, which is a very agreeable mix of vodka, chartreuse, lavender, citrus and wonderfully fluffy egg whites. Everyone likes fluffiness! There’s nothing like stretching out before a cosy fireplace with a good drink, and the Brunswick’s a lovely place to do it this winter.

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Image credit: Pearl + Co
Image credit: Pearl + Co

Pearl + Co


A top-notch drink deserves some top-notch eye candy, and few places in Tasmania can compete with the gorgeous waterfront vistas offered by Pearl + Co. This fancy, super-modern restaurant is sat right on the edge of Victoria Docks, and boasts a classic cocktail menu worthy of any discerning patron. Try their yummy Cosmopolitan, made with vodka, Cointreau, lemon and cranberry.

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Birdcage Bar

Wrest Point

Unashamedly retro and tons of fun because of it, Birdcage is a true Tasmanian treasure. It’s been serving up the goods for over 40 years now, and we hope it sticks around for many more to come. When it comes to vodka cocktails, the Ginger Zesty here is definitely one of the best in town, comprised of vanilla vodka, regular vodka Cointreau, apple, ginger and lemongrass. Bottoms up!

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Prosser’s on the Beach

Sandy Bay

Waterworld is not just a post-apocalyptic 90s film; it’s also an excellent beverage found at Prosser’s on the Beach, mixed with orange vodka, watermelon, cranberry and sparkling wine. And, with Prosser’s open-plan design and beautiful ocean views, it’s the perfect thing to sip on as you gaze out into the ocean and think about Kevin Costner.

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