Brisbane’s Dazzling Waterfront Restaurants

Because who doesn’t like staring at the water while they feed themselves?




Now this is living! Or wait, maybe it’s waterfront dining. Anyway, modern, elegant and cheffed by international culinary master Brad Jolly, Alchemy is one of Brisbane’s leading dining experiences, waterfront or otherwise. If you’re really looking to show off, then it’s most definitely Alchemy time. Find out more

Excellent service and very well cooked food. Had the famous beef cheek and significant other had an ocean trout. Both well cooked, looked great and tasted delicious. Also one of the best wait service I have experienced. Book ahead though, it is a small area. Be prepared to wait if you drop in without an appointment. – flagger


Black Bird Bar and Grill


Black Bird Bar and Grill manages a rather impressive feat; namely managing to come across as gorgeously opulent and tastefully refined at the same time. This is the kind of place suave secret agents probably hang out on their nights off, particularly if they’re fond of stunning riverside views, exquisite food and nearly a hundred different whiskeys. Find out more

Brilliant! Couldn’t get any better. It was fantastic food and the service was fast and efficient. Extremely impressed. – Antonella


Stokehouse Q


Surrounded by palm trees and glowing with welcoming warmth, Stokehouse offers both inside and outside dining options to ensure that a jolly good time is had by all. Fresh, Australian produce is all you’ll find here, lovingly crafted into the kind of sumptuous meals that’ll remind you that life truly is worth living. Find out more

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The Lighthouse Restaurant


The Lighthouse Restaurant claims to be “a beacon in waterfront dining” and this seafood restaurant/café/fish and chips takeaway is certainly a welcome sight for any hungry soul heading down to Moreton Bay. It’s won awards for everything from its atmosphere to the magnificent surrounding views, and it’s certainly not to be missed! Find out more

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Thomas Corner Eatery


A more relaxed, bright and breezy option for memorable riverside eats, Thomas Corner Eatery puts a lot of focus on keeping its menu fresh, vibrant and locally themed. The Noosa River is quite a sight, and it’s even better when you?re devouring a toasted sourdough sandwich, a plate of soy-braised beef short ribs, or some ocean trout with fennel, blood orange, chili, mint and coriander. Yum! Find out more

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Bavarian Bier Cafe


Nobody handles insane amounts of eating and drinking in the name of festive merriment quite like the Germans, and the Bavarian Bier Cafe at Eagle Street Pier seeks to bring a taste of this heartily wholesome fun to the denizens of Brisbane. Head down, grab a stein, and prepare to lose yourself in the glistening majesty of the river. Find out more

Bavarian Beer Cafe is awesome. The food and drinks are so different from what you normally get at a bar, which makes it unique. I don’t actually like beer AT ALL – but this bar has flavours to choose from such as banana, lychee, passionfruit, and they are sooo yummy, so I always get those! Cocktails are great too! – celesteperry

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