Sydney’s Idyllic Waterfront Restaurants

Time to dine in style Sydney!


Berowra Waters Inn

Berowra Waters

We begin our journey in the only place we could. Berowra Waters Inn is an internationally recognised triumph of architecture, and you’ll no doubt agree once you feast your eyes on this beautiful building. Speaking of feasting, you should also go inside it and eat something while you’re there. Hey, why not? Find out more

A hidden treasure just an hour’s drive from Sydney. The food is world-class and superbly prepared and presented. Degustation-style, but you can choose how many courses and what you want for each course from the menu. Stunning views complement the meal nicely, with any luck a seaplane will stop by. A long and relaxing Saturday lunch? What could be better? – blanche_l


Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel

Watsons Bay

Holy smokes Batman, is this place swanky! This is like somewhere Leo DiCaprio would hang out in one of those films where he plays a rich weirdo! You know, like The Wolf of Wall Street, or The Great Gatsby, or whatever! Perched right on the water’s edge, this luxury hotel/knockout restaurant/award-winning beer garden combo is guaranteed to give you an experience to treasure. Find out more

A fun trendy drinking spot where groups of friends come to have a drink amongst a fresh and vibrant backdrop. Overlooking the water there are lots of outdoor seating areas and an upper deck for private parties. The food is pricey but the seafood is fresh and delicious. Pizzas are for one or two people and are a great accompaniment with beers and cocktails. Speaking of beers, they serve a bucket of Coronas for $40 – atan7


Barrenjoey House

Palm Beach

There’s something intrinsically Aussie about the name Barrenjoey. Maybe it’s the hint of kangaroo, or maybe it’s our fond memories of going there when we were doing the traditional Palm Beach Christmas holiday. At any rate, Barrenjoey House is a genuinely lovely restaurant down and you should head there – now! Find out more

What a great place to nestle down for lunch after taking in the picturesque view from the ferry & walking along the beach. The service was impeccable, the decor & atmosphere welcoming with the open bifold doors & the food very enjoyable. We ordered the seafood platter which was delightful offering an assortment of hot & cold seafood. Prices are reasonable for its location. – Tiaraaaaa


Waterfront Cafe

Church Point

Mmm, this place is worth it for the specials alone! Fish and Chips on Mondays, Taco Tuesday, Pizza Night on Wednesday, Italian Night on Thursday (which is a lot like Pizza Night, only with more pasta), and Sunset Cocktails every Friday from 4pm onwards. Why, factor in the elegant, heritage-listed premises, great entertainment and stunning views, and you could practically live here! Find out more

You can certainly while away the hours here watching the people and the boats dock. It is a gorgeous rustic setting with a great menu to boot. My favourite breakfast is the sourdough with avocado, roasted tomatoes (that taste straight out of the garden) and labneh. They even pick their fresh herbs out of giant herb pots on the premises. – mins


China Doll


It may go by the name “China Doll”, but don’t let that give you a limited impression. This famous restaurant draws influence from across the spectrum of South East Asian cuisine, and does some pretty incredible things with it all. You always know you’re in for a serious treat when China Doll’s on the cards! Find out more

AMAZING FOOD guys, the pork belly here is to die for and the scallops with their amazing garnishings that make the dish simply superb! The dishes are plated and served in such a high class manner which makes other restaurants appear quite inferior. As a person who frequents restaurants and is Chinese, this restaurant brings out the jaw dropping supremacy of amazing foods! – cal512


Flying Fish Restaurant & Bar


Flying Fish has been nominated in the 2016 World Luxury Restaurant Awards, which you can probably take as a fairly solid sign that it’s kind of an alright venue. This place is a modern, sprawling mansion of a restaurant, with a sumptuous seasonal menu that leaps about from seafood to curries to Asian-inspired marvels. You will be very, very well fed. Find out more

Absolutely love this place. Fantastic food and cocktails, spot-on service, valet parking and of course the gorgeous waterfront location. Have been coming here for years as a couple and independently and it’s always our first pick when entertaining international guests whom have always been impressed. –john&simonedosydney


Ormeggio at The Spit


When we win the lottery, we’ll probably spend the money on some diamond encrusted shoes, and gold rocket car and the kind of fancy boat that comes automatically decked out with super models. Of course, the boat is really just so we can pull into the stunning Ormeggio – an enticingly unique restaurant overlooking the harbour, specialising in ingenious, Italian-inspired culinary concoctions that’ll blow your taste buds away. Find out more

Ormeggio is one of our favourite restaurants. Top notch food for reasonable prices in comparison to other hatted restaurants of the same standard. We always thoroughly enjoy ourselves and look forward to our next visit. – adelroc

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