Adelaide’s Premier Waterfront Restaurants

Waterfront dining is the best dining and it’s your civic duty to be the best possible diner you can be.


Jolleys Boathouse


“Jolleys Boathouse” may sound like a fairly unassuming sort of establishment, but it’s actually a cosy, warm romantic restaurant with a sumptuous seasonal menu. It’s situated nicely on what you’d probably call the “quieter” side of the riverbank, and it’s all the better for it. If you’re looking for a top-notch date night destination, then Jolleys is most definitely the word. Find out more

Truly amazing beautiful serenity delicious food definitely be back a special place to dine – Multi-talented Emily


Red Ochre Grill

North Adelaide

You ever wanted to eat emu? How about crocodile? Camel? What about kangaroo? Have you ever wanted to eat these fascinating culinary abnormalities inside a wondrous floating pavilion? Well, then, Red Ochre Grill is where you need to be heading for, friends! They do serve less unusual stuff too (but where’s the fun in that?), and the setting is simply marvellous. Find out more

Our entrees of pork rillettes and ceviche were delicious as were our mains of lamb and steak. We ordered a salad off the specials – fig, candied walnut, radicchio, emu prosciutto and blue cheese dressing – it was sensational (the emu prosciutto was amazing) –Kelly T


The Oyster Bar – Holdfast Shores


Oysters! A fantastic seafood option. You’ll have a very tough time trying to find anywhere in Adelaide that does them quite as well as The Oyster Bar (which is quite fortunate really, because that would be an extremely embarrassing name otherwise). Find out more

A fantastic place to hang out and eat and drink with friends! –EllezWorld


Boatshet Cafe

Hallet Cove

You wouldn’t normally associate cafés with delicious pizzas, but you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t check out the pizza menu at this particular café. There’s a whole lot of other good stuff on offer too, so it’s well worth a look regardless of your culinary persuasions. Well? What are you waiting for? Find out more

Truly one of the most delicious tasting freshly made pizzas you will taste in the area. Tandoori chicken is my fav! All the cakes and sweets are very reasonably priced considering it is a cafe. I honestly love the style this cafe is going for. And it’s right on the beach front which makes for a perfect atmosphere on all occasions. Staff are lovely and helpful – TheMiddleIngredient


Zak’s Restaurant

West Lakes

Tasty Greek food served in a family friendly restaurant, situated on the West Lakes waterfront? That sounds rather nice, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, before you answer, and it’s just what you’ll find down here at Zak’s Restaurant, where the gulls sing gaily and the menu is just as enticing as the wondrous gaze out onto the waterfront. Find out more

Came to Zak’s Greek Restaurant for the first time to attend a birthday function. The food’s that were pre-ordered for the party were very tasty. I really loved the grilled Haloumi, it was perfectly done! The meats that came out to-share were cooked well and the service was really good. – xbabydollx

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