We’re Gonna Need a Bigger boat!


Ah, Jaws. We’re sure you all remember that classic movie. We’re sure you also remember that, after the first time you watched it, you were terrified to go into the beach/pool/paddling pool for months afterwards. We’re still a bit afraid, to be honest.

When Jaws was first released in 1975, it was an instant success. In fact, it was the highest-grossing film ever made (at least until Star Wars was released a couple of years later) and made an entire generation afraid of the water, much like how Psycho turned people off showering for a while.

There’s something perversely intriguing about being scared and luckily for you, the terrifying sharp-toothed magic of Jaws is returning to the big screen for just a couple of nights at the end of January. That’s right. Golden Age Cinema & Bar will be screening Jaws! To set the mood even more, the screening will be held in Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, nestled between Woolloomooloo Bay and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Yes, you heard us correctly. You’ll be watching Jaws in the pool – how’s that for an interactive cinema experience?

To take your mind off the terror of being in the water while you watch a movie about a monster shark that devours people in the water, they will be serving delicious seafood and ocean-inspired drinks. You can also expect some special guest appearances (sorry, we can’t say who – it’s meant to be a big surprise), and tales of their experiences with the deep blue.

Here’s the clincher. The first release of tickets has already sold out, and they sold out fast. However, ever considerate of those of us who love pushing our heart rates up, Golden Age Cinema & Bar has just announced that there will be a final release of tickets, available Wednesday 16 December 2015.

Tickets will be released here so make sure you snap them up (get it?! Like a shark?) early to score yourself a spot.

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