Where to Find Adelaide’s Best Aussie Pies

A good pie is like the hero of any pub menu: firm and mysterious on the outside, but full of warm, tender, meaty bits within.

TrueLocal - Butterfingers: Pies in Adelaide


North Adelaide

A great little spot in North Adelaide for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all in between, Butterfingers is the kind of bakery that serves up everything with that extra little touch of homemade goodness. It’s the kind of place that simply makes you grin like an idiot the whole way through.
Pie to try: Kangaroo. Go on, hop to it. Read more

If you’re going for lunch, definitely try something from the weekly specials board – it changes to what’s in season and locally sourced. If your visiting Adelaide and are staying in the city, make the bus trip or nice walk along the park lands and head towards this hidden GEM for lunch and a cuppa – you won’t be disappointed –TheMiddleIngredient

TrueLocal - Red Door Bakery: Pies in Adelaide

Red Door Bakery


Everything on offer at Red Door Bakery is made fresh, ethically and utterly delectably before your very eyes. Make no mistake, this is food done right, and to not check it out the next time you’re in Croydon would be just plain wrong.
Pie to try: Free Range Traditional Chicken. It tastes like slow-cooked liberty (with just a hint of thyme). Read more

You can watch the baker at work while you are scoffing your giant sausage roll with a difference (i.e. a Moroccan filing). The lemon tarts look great…as did everything in the shop. – Kelly T

TrueLocal - Bakery On O'Connell: Pies in Adelaide

Bakery On O’Connell

North Adelaide

Another 24/7 bakery! Our pie dish truly runneth over. This one’s lit with a golden glow that matches the mouthwatering crusts and the talented piestros in the kitchen are always whipping up something magnificent.
Pie to try: Pie Of The Month, because it’s hard to pick just one.
Read more

It may look like your typical pie shop, but it is so much more. The pies are chunky, the pasties are hearty, and the service is always fast and friendly. Make sure to try their satay chicken pie…it’s worth it. –stevie92

TrueLocal - Beck's Bakehouse: Pies in Adelaide

Beck’s Bakehouse

Port Noarlunga

Since the early 80s, Beck’s Bakehouse has grown from an oven and a couple of tables to three blossoming bakeries across the Adelaide suburbs. Bread, buns, pastries, wraps, pizzas, coffee… and the pies. Oh, the pies!
Pie to try: Tuna Potato. Tuna with potato’s good, but it’s vastly improved when you wrap it in pastry. Read more

Good pies and sausage rolls. Always go here for great service. –eh1977

TrueLocal - Orange Spot Bakery: Pies in Adelaide

With more awards than Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep combined, Orange Spot Bakery has a sterling amount of proud pastry pedigree under its soft, buttery belt. If you ever find yourself peckish in Glenelg, it’s an absolute must-try.
Pie to try: Steak, Bacon And Cheese. We think this one pretty much speaks for itself, don’t you? Read more

Excellent! No problem with the goodies being displayed as so much to select from. Everything is yummy personified, but the tuna/corn/potato pies are tres magnifique! Keep those trophies on show!!!! – WendyVD

TrueLocal - Café de Vili's: Pies in Adelaide

Café de Vili’s

Mile End South

Open all day, every day (that’s 24/7!), Café de Vili’s has a range of pies to suit even the pickiest of palates. Whether you fancy a satay chicken pie for dinner or slice of lamb and rosemary at 4am, this place lives to serve. And boy are we glad it does…
Pie to try: Hot Chilli Beef. It tastes like righteous, unbridled fury wrapped in pastry. Read more

Was away overseas for 3 weeks and was craving a good ol’ chicken Vili’s pie! It always hits the spot!! This time I got two to satisfy that craving! 😉 – xbabdydollx

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