Where to Find the Finest Aussie Pies in Melbourne

If at first you don’t succeed, pie and pie again…

TrueLocal - Adriano Zumbo Patisserie: Pies in Melbourne

The Great Lord of the Pastry Kitchen himself presents this outstanding South Yarra patisserie, and we reckon it’ll be everything you imagine (plus a little more, of course). A neon-tiled delight to behold, the menu is as eclectic as it is delicious, and you’re guaranteed a dining experience to remember.
Pie to try: Roast Chicken And Potato. It’s like an entire Sunday lunch wrapped up in pastry! Read more

As always a real treat and exciting to visit the Zumbo Patisserie in Melbourne’s South Yarra! – TheMiddleingredient

TrueLocal - Baker D. Chirico: Pies in Melbourne

Baker D. Chirico

St Kilda

If you ever find yourself wandering aimlessly around St. Kilda, you owe it to yourself to check out Baker D. Chirico. The presentation of the sumptuous food is so good you almost feel satisfied just looking at it. When you actually taste some, well… just you wait, friends. Just you wait.
Pie to try: Beef Ragu. A buttery, beefy dream that’s just too beautiful for this world. Read more

A delicious range of tempting treats made to perfection! A wonderful place for breakfast or brunch and fantastic coffee. Great service. Lots of yummy savoury things for lunch as well. – starwoman8

TrueLocal - Tivoli Road Bakery: Pies in Melbourne

Tivoli Road Bakery

South Yarra

An artisan bakery that prides itself on utilising the very best in quality local products, Tivoli Road Bakery is a splendid spot for gettin’ your pie on. Everything’s made fresh, vibrant and irresistibly tasty, and this place is bound to shoot swiftly up your list of favourite haunts.
Pie to try: Beef Cheek. You won’t find such a perfect balance of beef and cheek anywhere else. Read more

The bread here is superb! Very good, sandwiches selections are not vast but delicious and refreshing. The goods are made in the house using organic flour. – werxj

TrueLocal - The Green Refectory: Pies in Melbourne

Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? No problem! The Green Refectory does ’em all, and it does ’em just beautifully. A leafy, tranquil eatery where good food is paramount, you’ll happily lose yourself in a haze of relaxing sights, smells and damn good pastry.
Pie to try: Chunky Steak. Chunks and pie go together like beer and… pie. Pie makes everything better! Read more

Good food. Love the pies and drinks menu. Will be back soon. –Vilhelmsro

TrueLocal - A1 Bakery: Pies in Melbourne

A1 Bakery


A1 Bakery is definitely up there with The Green Refectory in our list of favourite Brunswick bakeries, and you’ll certainly see why once you experience the range, quality and freshness of their Middle-Eastern inspired morsels.
Pie to try: Shanklish. It’s boat-shaped and stuffed with yoghurt cheese, herbs and tomato. Mmm! Read more

Amazing cheese pies. – Jesse O


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