Chow Down on Canberra’s Most Wonderful Foods

Canberra’s food game has seriously levelled up lately, with inventive chefs making their mark on the city’s booming café and restaurant scene. So we tracked down five of the most out-there weird and wonderful creations for you to drool over.

“Cirque de so Lame”

Image credit: Coffee Lab
Image credit: Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab


We’re pretty sure this is what Rainbow Brite’s vomit would look like, and we mean that in the nicest way possible (Rainbow Brite is the BEST!). The mad scientists at the Coffee Lab call the Cirque de so Lame a “party in your mouth”, and we most definitely want to be on board. It’s French toast fairy bread adorned with all manner of carnival delights, and if this brunch dish doesn’t give you a good sugar hit to get you moving first thing in the morning, well frankly, nothing will.  

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The Caf-Fiend FreakShake

Image credit: Patissez
Image credit: Patissez



Home of the original FreakShake, Patissez’s now much-copied concept is a true thing of beauty. To list all the ingredients here would take forever, so let’s just say this thing is truly a mammoth. It’s not the most balanced meal we’ve ever had, but that’s okay because it’s not meant to be balanced – this FreakShake of nature was designed to be over-the-top. However, it’s fair to say that the flavours are very carefully selected to be complementary, and they’re not just a mish-mash of random sweets to give you instant diabetes. There are a variety of FreakShakes on the menu, but our personal favourite is the Caf-Fiend. It’s a bit lighter on the sweetness, and it’s got a fantastic coffee hit!

“Home of the famous Freak Shake, this little boutique cafe has people driving from interstate to line up for hours to try it’s tasty treats. My sister got into the Cookies’n’Freak shake and looooved it. It’s a limited but really popular menu with 2 sizes of shakes – huge & monster – both quite likely being your entire caloric intake for the day. I settled for the gin & tonic Creme Brulee and was really happy with that! Amazing cakes and tarts available too. Definitely check it out!” – Amanda Cassar

The Farrer “O” Shake

Image credit: Fox and Bow
Image credit: Fox and Bow

Fox and Bow


Thank you Fox and Bow. Thank you for creating what is literally the most beautiful and delicious milkshake we’ve ever encountered in all our years on this earth. We mean it. Your Farrer “O” Shake is the bomb. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an incredibly decadent thickshake in a jar, complete with chocolate fudge and Ferrero Rocher gelato. We just adore it – and we guarantee that if you give it a try, you’ll love it too.

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Monkey Magic

Image credit: Mork
Image credit: Mork



Growing up, Monkey Magic was one of the greatest shows on television. So, it’s with great joy that we can present this weird and wonderful dessert named (we assume) in honour of the bizarre Japanese show from our youth. The dish comprises of Morks’ famous fried ice-cream, with butterscotch and peanut brittle – and it is every bit as delicious as it sounds. In fact, all of the desserts at Morks are on-point, and we find ourselves drawn to the Egg in Hay with coconut ice cream, pashmak and roti as well…

“I recently went to Morks for a celebration dinner with my partner. We both found the staff extremely helpful, particularly when it came to explaining dishes we were unsure about. The food was of a very high standard and service was prompt. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening – especially the deep-fried ice cream for dessert!” – KM95

Emu Steak

CANB_The Green Herring Restaurant

The Green Herring Restaurant


As the only country in the world that eats the animals on their coat of arms, we feel it’s our duty to share where to find the other half. Picking up a kanga banger from the supermarket is an easy one to cross off the list, but emu isn’t quite so mainstream. So, when we found the emu steak at The Green Herring, we had to have it. Emu is quite frankly delicious, and the emu steak dish presented with pommes neuf, carrot puree, baby spinach, and port jus is just perfection.

“It’s a bit exxy, but the food here really is amazing. Not to mention it’s in a quaint old school house with loads of character. The owner there always remembers people and makes you feel very welcomed.” – mici80

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