Get Creative with Melbourne’s Weirdest and Most Wonderful Foods

Melbourne has always been a hotspot for the artistically-inclined, and food is no exception. From one of the world’s best restaurants to a drive-through toastie pop-up in a disused cargo container, we’ve found Melbourne’s weirdest and most wonderful culinary delights. Don’t ever change, Melbourne!

Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate

Image credit: Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

South Yarra

Things in tubes that explode are generally not something we’d recommend, but when it comes to the incredible tube desserts from the Wonka-esque dessert scientists at Burch & Purchese on Chapel Street, we’ll make an exception. The mind-blowing explosive raspberry milk chocolate dessert is several layers of insanely delicious sugary goodness crammed inside a tube for ultimate portability!

I absolutely love this shop. They have a great selection of desserts ready to eat but also lots of packed sweet goodies which you can take away with you… On this particular visit the lady gave me a complimentary lime tart that was delicious. Customer service is very attentive.” – sweetandyummie

Salted Red Kangaroo and Bunya Bunya

Image credit: Attica
Image credit: Attica



Choosing just one thing off the Attica menu was a tough call, considering everything that this three-hatted restaurant produces is an extraordinary feat of culinary excellence. However, when it comes down to the line, we’ll have to pick the cured salted red kangaroo with native bunya bunya root. It’s a sort of Aussie carpaccio, and while it might sound a little bit odd, my-oh-my, does it blow your tastebuds away.

“Not a fan of fine dining but the experience I received from Attica was absolutely amazing. Attica has changed me and I’m a big fan of fine dining now, but sadly, nothing compares to Attica. I had the degustation, I knew nothing about it, and they were very patient with me. The food was exceptional. Worth every penny!” – mass.d

Teriyaki Eel & Cucumber Sushi Burger

Image credit: Japanese Cafe Restaurant
Image credit: Japanese Cafe Restaurant

Japanese Cafe Restaurant


Sushi and burgers! What seems like a weird concept actually comes together really well, and once you taste one, it completely makes sense. Just imagine replacing the traditional burger bun with discs of compacted rice, then add a seaweed top and bottom. And of course the fillings have been carefully considered to make the line between burger and sushi ever more blurred. We love the unusual flavours of the teriyaki eel and cucumber, but there are more traditional offerings too, such as chicken, crab, and seared salmon.

“With one of the more curious names for a restaurant in town, Sushi Burger does not serve sushi and burgers. They are in fact 2 discs of packed rice wrapped in a nori sheet with your chosen filling. I chose tempura prawns with salad greens and mayo, each comes with a side of pickled ginger and wasabi. Other menu items are also highly recommended, we chose pork katsudon and fried chicken (think Japanese KFC) and a hot sake on a cold Melbourne evening. Cant wait to go back and try more as I had food envy looking at the next table. Highly recommended.” – Brendan AD

Pavlova Insta Shake

Image credit: Naughty Boy Cafe
Image credit: Naughty Boy Cafe

Naughty Boy Cafe

Princes Hill

These incredible Instashakes are truly a work of art. If you’re obsessed with Nutella (and who isn’t right now?) they’ve got the crazy popular chocolate and Nutella shake, as well as the salted caramel with Nutella, sticky date rice pudding and a bunch of other delicious options. However, we’re currently loving the pavlova shake with coconut milk, vanilla and lime, passionfruit curd, meringue, kiwifruit, and mixed berries, all topped with a heavenly strawberry fairy floss cloud. It’s basically happiness in a mason jar.

“Any place that serves milkshakes with a brownie on top is a star in our books. On top of that, their breakfast burger is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen and it is absolutely delicious!” – MM21

Lenny & Carl Toastie

Image credit: Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio
Image credit: Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio

Cheese & Bread


If your heart just skipped a beat gazing at the oozing goodness of this mac and cheese toastie from the new drive-thru pop-up, Cheese & Bread, you definitely aren’t alone. As if toasties weren’t already the perfect food, these miracle workers have chucked macaroni, béchamel sauce and their house blend of cheese into the mix for the greatest idea of all time.

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