Sydney’s 5 Weirdest and Most Wonderful Foods

Sydney is a mecca for experimental food, so we scoured the city and surrounds to find something truly special. Here are our top picks for the weirdest and most wonderful foods our fair city has on offer.

Lasagne Burger

Image credit: Bertoni Cafe
Image credit: Bertoni Cafe

Bertoni Casalinga


We love a good burger, and clearly the rest of Sydney agrees. So when we heard about the lasagne burger at Bertoni Casalinga in Balmain, we dropped everything and ran to find out what the deal was. With a Wagyu beef patty, mozzarella cheese, and bolognaise sauce crammed between two crumbed and deep fried lasagne slabs, this is the kind of burger that kings eat.

“Very popular cafe on darling Street serving great coffee and yummy cakes. Friendly staff, fast service and a good selection of tasty pasta dishes that are well worth trying!” – Bongo1

Deep Fried Banana Taco

Image credit: The Norfolk
Image credit: The Norfolk

The Norfolk

Surry Hills

Deep. Fried. Banana. Taco. Yes. We’ll let that sink in for a moment.

This magical and extremely festive dessert has all the ingredients for a good time. Just imagine a deep fried banana nestled in a fried corn taco then topped with salted caramel ice cream, Ice Magic, peanuts, and 100s & 1000s. It’s like having a carnival (invented by kids whose parents have left them alone in the house for the weekend) in your mouth. We’ll take 10!

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The Black Widow Burger

Image credit: Parlour Burger

Parlour Burger


The Black Widow burger is the signature dish at Parlour Burger, and it sure doesn’t hold anything back. The unusual charcoal brioche bun holds a delicious beef patty, chipotle mayo and mildly spicy jalapeno chilli, which all together creates a wonderfully odd yet strangely familiar flavour. It might look a little off-putting (after all, we’re taught that food isn’t generally meant to be black), but this is a sensational addition to Sydney’s gourmet burger explosion and well worth a try.

“We had quite a good experience at Parlour Burger. The service was friendly, you just order at the bar and get seated with a table number. The burgers were delicious and onion rings were crunchy too not the soggy type. Their chips also had skins left on the potatoes which made the flavour of them so much better!” – Janaliamk

Slice o Pie Thickshake

Image credit: the Pie Tin
Image credit: the Pie Tin

The Pie Tin


Pick a sweet pie from the insane selection at Newtown’s Pie Tin, and they’ll blend it with ice cream, milk and syrup. You are literally drinking your pie, and we love it! The Pie Tin’s pies are already ridiculously good, with options ranging from a traditional apple pie and American pumpkin pie through to the absurdly decadent Mars Bar pie, Oreo pie, and Cherry Ripe delight pie. It’s almost impossible to pick which pie to choose for your thickshake – but it’s hard to go wrong here. Maybe just close your eyes and point; you’ll still get the best thickshake experience of your life.

“This place is a must-go spot if you love pies. The savory pies are to die for especially the sunday roast. Even though I’m not much of a sweet person, their sweet pies are amazing too. Generous portions but it gets quite busy so make sure you go early to secure the pie!” – sushirawl

Ramen Burger

Image credit: ONE Tea Lounge
Image credit: ONE Tea Lounge

One Tea Lounge and Grill


Ramen is always a good bet, and burgers… well, who doesn’t love burgers? Put the two of them together and you find something truly unique. Your choice of filling sits between two crispy, clumped together discs of noodles infused with ramen soup, and it is absolutely wonderful. One Tea Lounge also does an unusual matcha baoger, which is an Asian steamed bao bun infused with the potent green matcha tea and your choice of filling, and it is definitely worth a try. Weird and wonderful delights abound here, and we’re in love.

“This place looks unassuming from the street but what awaits you when entering is amazing. The menu is special and everything is just divine. I highly recommend gyokuro smoked octopus avocado and the 9+ Wagyu beef.” – sweetandyummie

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