You Can Now Take Your Dog to the Movies!

True Local Moonlight Cinemas Doggie Nights

It might seem strange to some but if you’re a dog owner, you’ll understand what it’s like when you want to take your dog everywhere. The pub, the shops, work (it’s been proven to improve productivity!), some might argue that these places would be much more joyful if the presence of some little furry cuddles was included.

Although some workplaces support puppy days and some shops are extremely fur-friendly, one place you’ve never been allowed to take Fido is the movies.

Until now.

Yes, you heard us correctly. The joys of the big screen will no longer be restricted to only those of us who walk on two legs.

Doggie Nights is brain-child of the Moonlight Cinemas and Comfortis, and my-oh-my what a child it is! Screening across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, puppies everywhere will be throwing up their tiny paws in delight as they get to snuggle in with you and watch cult classics under the stars.

Whether your dog is an 80s fan (in which case, who can say no to Ferris Bueller?) or a smooth sleuthing food-thief (Spectre’s your best bet), there’s something for every man and his dog this January.

For those of you who don’t have a dog but longingly gaze at pooches strolling by and make friends with people just to get close to their pets (no judgement here), this is the perfect opportunity to catch a great flick and maybe make some new furry friends!

To find out more, or to book tickets, head to the Moonlight Cinemas website and look for sessions marked “Comfortis presents Doggy Night”.


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