Adelaide’s Yum Cha Masters

“Yum cha” means “drink tea” in Cantonese. In ‘Stralian, however, it means “bloody good eats.” Fact.


Star House


Star House is, rather sadly, not in the middle of Star Street. Don’t let that put you off too much though, as it offers some utterly sumptuous Chinese cuisine to make up for it. Specialising in sublime yum cha, the staff are always sure to remain attentive, warm and driven to please, no matter how busy the restaurant may get. Isn’t that just lovely? Find out more

I have been back to Star House on several occasions for yum cha. This time around, food has been consistent and high quality. The warm freshly baked egg tart is a must try dish. Star House has cemented its place as our family’s favourite yum cha restaurant in Adelaide. – chopsticks


Citi Zen


Elegant, ornate, comfy, efficient and highly hospitable. That’s how proper Chinese restaurants roll, and Citi Zen is most definitely a proper Chinese restaurant. This kingdom of incredible Cantonese cuisine has raised Adelaide’s yum cha standards to heady new heights over the last ten years, and it’s a definite must-try for anybody looking to indulge. Find out more

We were going with a large group of people and a few yum cha first timers and I thought my usual yum cha haunt might be a bit overwhelming so we gave Citi Zen a try (my reputation was on the line so there was pressure). Citi Zen ensured my reputation remained intact. The yum cha variety was excellent and no one went home hungry. Enjoyed by everyone! – Kelly T




Jeez, we really are spoiled for yum cha places here in Adelaide, aren’t we? Still not full? Oh, go on then. Here’s one more! T Chow is another quick-serve / no-fuss / chow-down / full-up / happy-times sort of place. You’ve definitely got to check out. Find out more

The food is of a traditional Chinese background and the taste is marvellous. Service is wonderful along with the atmosphere. –sqleung



Another Adelaide yum cha boss, Ding Hao has been known to convert even the staunchest detractors of Chinese food to the side of good taste. Friendly, bustling and great for groups, this place does a magnificent job in both the food and atmosphere departments, and you’ll be a very happy little dumpling by the time you stumble out. Find out more

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