Tasty Yum Cha in Melbourne

Yum cha, you tasty little devil. Come to us!


Red Door Antiques and Yum Cha


Yum cha and antiques? Holy cow Batman! Never before was such a fantabulous combination dreamed up by the brain-pipes of Man. After all, don’t you often feel like a fine Chinese meal would be immeasurably improved by the opportunity to grab a nice piece of vintage furniture afterwards? No? Well, you will now. Find out more

Red Door puts the Cha in Yum Cha. The decor is authentically fitting, we walked in like school children, skipping our way to our seats – as the ‘to be noticed waiter’ escorted us to our private lounge booth. We had the prawn & crab meat and the prawn & bean curd wrap, both absolutely amazing. Pork buns, yep it felt like we had escaped to heaven for a lazy Sunday afternoon. –ShaeShae



Tao Tao House


Tao Tao House is just like an adorable little piece of China, sliced out and plonked right here in Hawthorn. The staff all seem to speak Cantonese and Mandarin (as well as Australian, of course), and they always go out of their way to give you a warm welcome and an authentically delicious yum cha experience. Thumbs up all round! Find out more

Great Chinese! The duck pancakes were amazing and the quail was fantastic. The food here is truly lovely and staff very kind and friendly. Great night out! – Amanda Cassar



Spice Temple


It is said that he who controls the spice controls the universe, and it’s certainly fair to say that Neil Perry does indeed control the spice. Spice Temple is one of his growing empire of premium restaurants, and it’s a dimly lit, enticingly atmospheric place to stop by for some top-notch yum cha delights. This is the kind of place you head when you seriously want to impress someone. Find out more

Exquisite food set in an exotic setting with fabulous service. This is a classy venue for a romantic dinner or big night out in a glamorous setting. It’s not a cheap eat, so spring that credit card out of mothballs! – starwoman8



Red Emperor


Delectable food, stunning location, top-notch service, impeccable décor… some places just have it all, don’t they? Red Emperor is one such marvel of culinary excellence (despite its slightly scary name), and it’s been serving up truly sumptuous yum cha treats for over two decades and counting. That’s a lot of time to get things spot on, so please do give it a whirl. Find out more

Beautiful location by the Yarra, great, delicious food, good wine selection, and polite & nice service. Prices match the food and service and would recommend it to anyone. – koala80



Hu Tong Dumpling Bar


Oh, dumplings. How we love your meaty fillings. Your sizzling scents. Your bafflingly oxymoronic crispy tenderness. So, naturally, when we found out about Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, we got so excited that we nearly forgot how to breathe. This place is big, tastefully elegant, and so full of utterly delicious dumplings that the choice will give you the tastiest headache you ever had. Dumplings, ho! Find out more

Very professional and beautiful food as always. Took my family here as I had tried it previously and they were so impressed. The chicken in the honey chicken is real chicken breast and the rice is delicious. Great value – Blogger2012



Oriental Tea House

South Yarra

Yum cha is traditionally a very tea-oriented meal, as you’re probably aware. Where better to devour a tea-oriented meal than at the Oriental Tea House, right? Whether you fancy the full-on yum cha experience, or merely a quick cuppa off the extensive tea menu, this beautiful, award-winning restaurant/retail store will never let you down. Find out more

Love love love seriously good food and fast. Such fun –babybabybaby


Minh Tan 2


To the untrained ear, Minh Tan 2 may sound like nothing more than a run-of-the-mill Hong Kong action movie sequel. However, it is in fact an extremely nice Chinese restaurant in Richmond, well known for outstanding yum cha at shockingly reasonable prices. The seafood and Peking duck are also the stuff of local legends, and it’s simply impossible to pass by without being drawn in. Find out more

Minh Tanh II is a Richmond institution, and that’s definitely no exaggeration. Locals and visitors to Victoria Street alike know of this renowned place. I personally recommend the seafood and bean curd hot pot and, most of all, the roast duck. Here, it is crispy and sure, fatty, but so mouth-watering! I get half a duck almost every week! – catinjapan


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