Perth’s Top Yum Cha Havens

Feeling down? A refreshing dose of yum cha might be just what you need.




BamBamBoo is a bit like the culinary version of one of those So Fresh CDs, serving up the greatest hits of Chinese cooking from every region of the country. It also features a rather novel iPad ordering system, whereby you simply head over to one of the three handily situated ordering stations and tap away until you’ve got what you want. BamBamBoo… what an age we live in. Find out more

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Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant


As specialists in the fine arts of seafood and dim sum, the very nice people down at Dragon Palace strive to ensure that your yum cha experience is a faultless one. This place is spacious, elegantly decked out, and boasts a food selection that’ll make anyone’s tummy tingle. Also, it’s called Dragon Palace. That’s reason enough in itself to check it out, surely? Find out more

“Best Dimsum” – kalia Mcguire


Imperial Court


A shining example to any prospective purveyors of proper yum cha out there, Imperial Court will show you how it’s truly done. In fact, many savvy patrons consider it amongst the top yum cha places in Australia, and it’s pretty tough to argue once you sink your teeth in. In any case, Superman down there seems to like it, so that has to count for something, surely? Find out more

“We frequently go to Imperial Court for yum cha with the family, and it’s consistently fantastic! The service, the taste and freshness of food is superb! The lady at the front desk is always pleasant to our children and jokes around with them!” -Super_Man


Vivisen Tea House


A bright, airy sort of place adorned with the enticing works of local artist Barbara Butler, Vivisen Tea House promotes a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere in which to scoff down some sumptuous Chinese cuisine. The goji tea is legendary (and good for you, which is always a bonus right?), and the grub is fulsome, wholesome and winsome all in one! Find out more

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