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ACE Oven Repair

Has your oven stopped heating?
Blown element or faulty thermostat?
Is your oven clock / timer not working?
Door hinges loose / door not closing properly?
Our technicians service the Central Mornington Peninsula
Should I repair or replace my oven?
Our technicians can assess your oven and give an honest opinion on repairing or replacing your oven. Safety always comes first. We are not interested in patching up unsafe appliances. If it cannot be repaired safely it needs to be condemned. Also, if multiple parts are required to repair, we will advise if it may be more cost effective to replace the oven. We do not sell ovens, but if you purchase a new electric oven we can install with a Certificate of Electrical Safety. We can also dispose of your old oven if
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  • Blanco
  • DeLonghi
  • Gaggenau
  • Neff
  • Omega
  • Siemens.


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Very poor

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OVER 6 years AGO

I had issues with my oven not heating properly and found this company in the Yellow Pages. It was arranged that a technician would come to the house the next day and I was impressed that it was going to be so prompt. However I received a call back later and was advised that they were in the area and would arrive around 4.00 the same afternoon. They arrived as promised and removed their boots at the front door. After 10-15 minutes it became apparent to me that they have no idea what was wrong with my oven. When I asked them if it was the thermostat their reply was 'still testing' and this continued to be their response to any of my questions for the hour that they were in my home. They seemed more interested in installing a new oven than fixing mine as they asked for a tape measure so that they could show me that a new oven would fit into the cavity. They proceeded to stand in the middle of the kitchen for 45 minuted with their temperature probe in the ...read more

OVER 6 years AGO

We had issues with our brand new blanco oven and contacted blanco in regard to our oven door not closing properly, and also the oven making a loud knocking sound when the fan was running. They sent out a tech for a warranty call out, and they discovered the carry handles on the sides of the oven were causing the knocking sound, but in regard to the oven door not closing, they gave us a spiel about the seal wearing in and the door would eventually sit flush, so we thought that was plausible. The tech was exceptionally unfriendly, and we decided not to push the issue, and see what happens. Gradually, after almost two months passed, the door issue got worse, to the extent that the oven was not useable because there was too much air escaping through the huge gap. We called blanco back and explained the door was gaping and also about the tech\'s spiel about the seals, so they called Ace Oven Repair again and sent us the same tech again. Lucky me, I had ...read more

OVER 6 years AGO

We had our Blanco oven serviced today. I commend ACEOVEN for the most pleasant, prompt and efficient manner in which the service was done. A pleasant, jovial member of your staff attended. A pleasant person doing a great job. I would have no hesitation recommending your firm. Thankyou.

k bellamy
OVER 6 years AGO

I had Phil from Ace Oven repairs fix my oven today and I could not be happier! Very friendly team, and was able to easily repair my oven that had already been looked at by another tradesman that was unable to fix it! Saved me a fortune not having to buy a new oven! Thank you and I definitely know who to call if I ever have other issues with it. Highly recommended.

OVER 6 years AGO

I found the help from the staff at the office to be very helpful and informative. The technician however was rude, abrupt and very, very curt! Poor customer service no people skills, I would give them a miss!

Phil Burn
OVER 6 years AGO

Warranty call. My dishwasher doesn't wash, I want a new one. Drain filter is upside down and not clipped in correctly after customer has cleaned. Food scraps have passed into the spray bars and blocked all holes. I've cleaned out and reassembled correctly. Not a manufacturer defect and not mine. I say we will slip it thru under warranty. No charge = no pay for my family.

Second warranty call- I find top tray in lower position and large plates in lower tray stopping the upper spray bar from rotating. It can't work and somehow it's my fault. "See yourself to the door, I'm off to the computer". Nothing for my family again, except this, starvation.

In the work place, the way I was spoken to would not be tolerated. But there are no witnesses to what was said, I could see it.

We have over 10,000 silently happy customers over 7 years.

Your call.

Cheers Phil


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