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Adelaide Independent Taxis

10 Reviews

99 Henley Beach Rd

Mile End, SA, 5031

Adelaide Independent Taxis

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Atonnamous Eyer
OVER 3 years AGO

Independent taxis left me in the rain without getting me to my destination because they didn't know how to get to mile end train station I had to walk with chronic knee an hip pain 4k so I could get another taxi . many times I have had a taxi from independent that has in the middle of the trip that have to leave me randomly somewhere because they have a more important job for another taxi to pick me up not on independent

OVER 3 years AGO

Obtained this taxi company from the airport to a hotel in the CBD. During the drive there were roadworks being undertaken in the city - the taxi driver was directed to travel straight ahead - he did not like this advice and rolled down his window and spoke to the person directing traffic - road works official. He was abusive and was swearing at the worker. There was no consideration for the passenger. I took the photo of the driver and his licence on the dashboard - became abusive. I describe the driver as being a Siekh. The driver's ID was 9202 (from the receipt. This driver was a disgrace and I told him so - avoid this company

OVER 3 years AGO

I've had so many problems with this company. Just today i got a taxi from home to my kids school as it was too hot. Because it was so close he was shaking his head the whole trip... so i didn't bother asking him to wait or give him a tip. So he could make more money. I will never use this company again, i don't care if i end up waiting for an hour, i prefer quality.

Honest Reviewer 1991
OVER 3 years AGO

I rang and booked a van from the north east suburbs to the airport for 4.30am. I rang over 12 hours in advanced. The lady on the phone was rude and said she 'hardly thought I needed a van'. I explained that I was taking my luggage as well as my downhill mountain bike and bag so did need a van. 4.30am came and went while I waited out the front. By 4.40am I rang them again and said Im getting worried because I needed to get to the airport. The man was so rude and told me 'yes I'm aware of that'. He told me 'you knew when you booked a premium service they would be late' I said I didnt and had booked 12 hours ago, how could they still be late? Doesnt premium mean I pay more, not you're late. He didnt apologise and told me he'd still be another 5 or so minutes so to just wait. By 4.50am the van arrived but I was now 20 mins late to get to the airport, check in and load my bike and luggage. I just made it, but the service was not good enough. I will never book ...read more

local star
1679 Reviews
Review to win entry OVER 4 years AGO

Caught a 5 seater from the airport, because it was next in line they didn't charge us any more than for a normal cab which was great - especially as we had a lot of luggage and probably would have needed the larger cab anyway.
Driver was friendly and overall knew where to go although also was happy to take our guidance on the best way to get to our house (after all, we knew how to get there!)
Cab was clean, fare was OK though it's shocking that all companies charge 10% for using a credit/debit card.


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