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Martial Arts

Aikido Melbourne & Victoria

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Aikido Melbourne & Victoria

Aikido Martial Arts Footscray

Aikido is a Japanese martial art which utilizes the principles of leverage and balance manipulation in order to defeat larger more stronger opponents. If one were to meet force with direct force, the stronger person will always win. As almost all assaults are targeted against perceived 'weak' victims, dealing with an attacker head-on is not always the best strategy. By using non-direct force applied in circular movements and not "meeting force with force" are you better able to control violent situations and protect yourself and your loved ones. We don't rely solely on punches and kicks, rather we emphasize advantageous positioning, joint manipulation and locks/holds. As a result, anyone, regardless of size or strength, can learn the art of Aikido and apply its techniques effectively.

Close to Footscray train station, we are located at Footscray City Primary School in the blue stone building near the corner of Hyde St and Bristow St. Costs are $4 per class for students/unemployed and $7 per class for working adults. Beginners are most welcome! Just wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. Suitable for both women and men aged 13 years and above. Family discounts available.

First class is free! So come along and give it a go!

Our dojo is part of a larger parent organization, Aikikai Australia:


All our instructors are government accredited.

You will learn:
* Locks, holds, throws and pins from various attacks and grabs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
* Hand-to-Hand combat techniques against single and multiple attackers.
* Weapons disarm techniques against sword, staff &
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  • Aikido


  • Aikikai Australia. The original style of the creator of Aikido.

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