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Amazing No 1 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

58 Reviews
(02) 9314 7189


NSW, 2031

Amazing No 1 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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(02) 9314 7189
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6 months AGO

Absolute rip off!!! Quoted $45 to do a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Literally only 1 mark on the carpet needed attending to. Arrived to quote me $85 for an absolute basic steam clean without removing the stain (which was only baking soda). Ended up letting them do it as I had wasted enough time. Didn't remove the stain even after saying they did, scratched all the skirting boards resulting in my losing part of my bond. All I got in response was oh well too late now. The apartment stunk for days after. I don't get how as the carpets were extremely clean even before these guys showed up. Stay far away!

9 months AGO

I've used Amazing twice. I think their carpet cleaning is ok, but on the second job we had a problem. There was a new mark on the stairwell - it's so obvious, it was the first thing I noticed when I got home so I'm positive it couldn't have been there before. I rang Amazing and they said they would look in to it. No response. Every time I tried to call my call went immediately to voicemail until I blocked my number then I got through immediatly. Coincidence? Bottom line - they refuse to recitify the situation. Beware Amazing - terrible customer service if anything goes wrong. Look at the ratio of poor to very good reviews above. I wish I'd seen this before and consider if you want to take this chance with your carpets.

9 months AGO

Worst customer service ever. They were very good when it was all booked, however when I ranged to cancel, they hanged up the call. UNPROFESSIONAL!!

lets talk
10 months AGO

I doubt i have ever come across worst possible customer service from this company EVER. I hired "Amazing" to come and clean my sofa, a carpet and 4 chairs. The sofa and the carpet came out well, but the results on the upholstered chairs were astonishingly bad. When I called to ask for them to be redone I was "Amazed" and appalled with the arrogance and rudness of the owner/operator who tired to tell me these were pre existing water stains or wine stains that came to the surface after cleaning. After a discussion he finally came around to having the work redone but said it could not be done until next week or later. I tried to explain that i was moving out and leaving for over sea's by then and tried to reason with him to try and come in earlier, but he did not budge and he said it was his final "offer" - I said this was not an acceptable one since i could not accomodate such a late time - he said that he was "terminating the discussion" and hug up on me ! It is ...read more

a year AGO

I live in parramatta, The worst carpet cleaning i ever had, no customer service, when i called to complain that im not satisfied with the cleaning the operator told me this is the best what we can do and hangup the call. I wont recommended this company to anyone.


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