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Amazing No 1 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

62 Reviews
(02) 9314 7189


NSW, 2031

Amazing No 1 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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(02) 9314 7189
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Shire Reviewer

Wish I'd seen these reviews! Technician recommended a full industrial clean, so we paid the extra for peace of mind (it was an end-of-lease rental). The receipt I was given said "full industrial clean. All stains left are permanent". The agent was not happy with the job and said she would need to get another cleaner to do it again as people were moving in soon. After the second clean, the carpet apparently looked brand new again. When I contacted Amazing Carpet cleaners explaining what had happened requesting a refund, I was told I should have contacted them earlier so they could have another chance to clean it (do they always do a half job first and hope for the best? Or was this the best they could do - the receipt indicated it was). I told them the agent had already organised a second clean and we were being asked to pay for it. Their response was horrendously rude. They said they didn't issue refunds and when I asked for another resolution, they were rude, ...read more

Mariana K
2 months AGO

Please do not hire their services! Yesterday I called "Amazing Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning" to get a quote for an end of leasing carpet cleaning and I received the quote on the phone. Today I called back to guarantee I understood that properly because it was not very clear to me when said the price would vary according to the condition, type and size of the carpet Area. I would like to know the maximum prize it could range because my carpet is very old and has many stains. While trying to ask that in the phone, the person asked me: - yes, you called yesterday, do you want to book it or not? I said: - Wow, I just wanted to understand better before booking. He hang up on me , I tryied calling back and he did not pick up and sent me the message on the phone: - You don't want to pay to get the spots removed? You will not get your bond back! Go away - be someone else's problem. I am terrified with this treatment and I don't think this is an acceptable behavious. I wish I ...read more

5 months AGO

I had this company come out this morning to clean 2 sofas. The cleaner the young boy was using was very old and I noticed that the cushions looked very wet. He told me they would dry quickly. Once he left and I moved the sofas I was shocked to find that the floor was flooded with water obviously from the machine. I called the company and they then got the young boy to call me back to apologise. I told him that I wanted the owner or somebody from the office to call me for my feedback. I tried calling the office, leaving texts and even sending a couple of emails with pictures of the soaking floors. I eventually used a different phone and the owner called me back probably thinking it was new business. His response was that there was something wrong with me to complain so many times, he offered no resolution but for me to contact Dept of Fair Trading. I have taken his advice.

A Crossley
6 months AGO

I wish I had seen these reviews before I booked these guys! When I called to make a booking it went straight to voicemail after which a receptionist called from a mobile number to make the booking and quoted around $70. The first booking was cancelled (technician running late) and I had to make a second booking. The technician was very fast (cleaning 3 seater sofa and armchair took under 30mins) but it ended up costing $110. The following day once the couch was dry I called to complain that there were streak marks covering the couch (caused by using too much water and not cleaning it properly) and asked for a refund. The receptionist, who initially didn't answer my calls, was now very rude and said I should have paid $150 for the job I had done. She then asked me to send a copy of my receipt to the mobile and she would talk to the technician and her boss. I also sent photos of the damage caused. No answer or refund was given. I then asked Fair Trade ...read more

OVER a year AGO

Absolute rip off!!! Quoted $45 to do a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Literally only 1 mark on the carpet needed attending to. Arrived to quote me $85 for an absolute basic steam clean without removing the stain (which was only baking soda). Ended up letting them do it as I had wasted enough time. Didn't remove the stain even after saying they did, scratched all the skirting boards resulting in my losing part of my bond. All I got in response was oh well too late now. The apartment stunk for days after. I don't get how as the carpets were extremely clean even before these guys showed up. Stay far away!


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