Angus Chard - Dural Podiatry & Sports Podiatry Centre

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(02) 9651 3227

564 Old Northern Rd

Dural, NSW, 2158

564 Old Northern Rd

Dural, NSW, 2158

Angus Chard - Dural Podiatry & Sports Podiatry Centre

Also known as: Foot and Leg Pain Centre We pride ourselves in cost-effective foot and leg pain resolution. We are passionate that patients understand their condition and the benefits of various treatment methods.

At the Dural Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we pride ourselves in the provision of cost-effective treatments and management of acute and chronic foot and leg musculoskeletal conditions.

We are passionate that all patients understand the mechanism of their injury and the purpose of any treatment method implicated to resolve initial symptoms and prevent long term recurrence.

Biomechanical treatments may involve a range of approaches considering short term symptom relief and medium to long term improved foot and leg strength and function.

Angus Chard, a second-generation podiatrist, has practised in the Hills district for over 18 years, combining traditional effective methods of podiatry together with modern evidence-based treatment
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  • Childrens Foot Development/ Foot and Leg Pain/ Arthritic Pain/ Foot strengthening/ Custom Orthotics/ Heel Pain Corns/ Callus/ Foot Warts/ Toe-nails


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R Farmer
OVER 2 years AGO

Angus ‘opened up’ my arthritic ankle for the first time today and it now feels great - much more flexible & it feels like I’m floating on air it has so much more space in the joint!

Gary Brown55
OVER 7 years AGO

I am a type 2 Diabetic, who following bad management and bad advice had a toe amputated this was before I began at Team Dural Podiatry & Sports Podiatry Centre over twelve months ago - since with exceptional advice my feet are now carrying my 145kg's (down from 167kg) on a treadmill for up to two hours, four times a week . Yep team Dural podiatry got my feet right then got them into the right shoes and following their foot maintenance advice, it will not be long before they are pounding the pavements.

OVER 8 years AGO

I totally recommend the services provided by Angus Chard. I am an avid loving of running and all things sports, water and exercise. I recently was getting pain in my heel while running. I went to see Angus and he explained the problem to me and suggested that I go easy on it for a while and he strapped my ankle. This morning I woke up and my ankle felt amazing! I could even put pressure on my heel. Thanks so much. Can't wait to start running again soon.

Sue Lurbanker
OVER 8 years AGO

I can recommend Angus and the people at Dural Podiatry very highly. They have cured the sharp almost unbearable foot cramps that I used to get, and I can still wear fashionable shoes with my orthotics. They are very friendly and professional and have spent allot of time with me.I never felt like they were rushing to treat me - they might go over time every now and then, but I think the occasional wait is worth it when you know they spend quality time with you.

OVER 8 years AGO

I have had knee pain all my life that was called growing pains when i was younger, but was getting worse and worse. I just thought it was part of getting older. A work colleague recommended Angus and I had orthotics made-up on his advice. It was a bit expensive, but I can't believe what a difference it's made to my life - I didn't realise how much pain I was really in until I got treatment and now I'm completely pain free. If you have knee/leg pain - dont put up with it - go and see Angus and get it sorted.


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