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Atma Massage & Chinese Medicine

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(03) 6393 7161

60 Main Street

Hadspen, TAS, 7290

60 Main Street

Hadspen, TAS, 7290

Atma Massage & Chinese Medicine

Total Harmony - Being WHOLE & living in WELLNESS is a process that miraculously occurs as the body is harmonized. ATMA offers instant relief, a doorway to a NEW way of being.

At ATMA we offer a service of HARMONISATION.
Harmonisation is the process of assisting the body and emotions to FLOW, smoothly and freely, thus reducing resistant pressure and friction within the entire systems that make up the human body. The circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, lymphatic system, biliary and renal systems, the nervous system and by consequence our freedom to emotional receive and express the entire totality of emotional experience all benefit when harmonisation occurs.
Pain & discomfort, both physical and emotional, are the warning lights of disharmony, telling you to get a service.
Initially these discomforts are minor, if left to develop they will begin to affect multiple systems and lead to long term chronic illnesses. These illnesses can seriously inhibit a persons ability to expand joyfully into the world of ageing.
There are many opportunities open to us in each moment to assist harmony; these are our personal skills, capabilities and knowledge, both learnt and instinctual: At ATMA we help you to recognise and realise these opportunities. This becomes SELF-MAINTENANCE, and these skills will be with you for life.
At ATMA we also provide PROFESSIONAL MAINTENANCE; this is when one or more of the systems of the body, through genetics, life-style or trauma has fallen out of synch, out of harmony with the rest of the body.
At ATMA we are trained to recognise these imbalances and apply the appropriate pressure or relaxation on a particular system to restore FLOW and thus begin again the NATURAL harmonious actions of the human body.
We have 6 Therapeutic Arms:
1. Acupuncture: 2. Massage: 3.Herbal Medicine: 4.Exercise Therapy: 5. Life-style counselling; including emotional balance, digestive balance and environmental balance, and 6. HEART: Treating from the Heart to the Heart allows space for that aspect of your self to harmonise all things.
It is ATMA's expertise and privilege to guide you in restoring HARMONY
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(03) 6393 7161


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