Beetlebox Plastic Moving Boxes

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Beetlebox Plastic Moving Boxes

Moving House Just Went Green

Beetlebox rents green, plastic, reusable, boxes to people moving house. You'll save money and time, and protect your stuff and the planet.

--- Why Should You Use Beetlebox? ---
* save time; with Beetlebox, you choose a delivery time that suits you. Also there is no collecting boxes, no building and breaking them down, and no disposal afterwards
* save money; using Beetleboxes saves you 40% over cardboard, and we have a lowest price guarantee
* save the environment; recycling cardboard uses a lot of energy, reusing Beetleboxes IS a better solution! We also donate 1% of revenues to environmental causes.
* save your stuff and your back; Beetleboxes are sturdy, and they are made to stack easily. They come with a dolly to make moving them a snap!

* BOOK BY PHONE: 1800 438 668

--- How Does It Work? ---
i)WE DELIVER - Beetlebox delivers green reusable plastic boxes quickly and conveniently to your home or office when you need them.
ii)YOU PACK AND MOVE - fill up the boxes and move to your new location. When you reach the new place, simply empty the boxes and neatly stack them out of the way.
iii) WE PICK UP - Beetlebox will take away the empty boxes after your move

*FREE DELIVERY within service area!

* BOOK BY PHONE: 1800 438 668

-Packages available for Studio, all the way up to 4 Bedroom House, which include:
bubble wrap
packing paper
free delivery
and of course Beetleboxes!

--- Beetleboxes vs. Cardboard ---
Beetleboxes are an eco friendly time-saving, and cost effective moving solution. Cardboard boxes can be recycled, but the process is energy and water intensive, and it produces toxic by more

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Pankaj Shinde
OVER 5 years AGO

Strong crates. Prompt communications. Ontime delivery and pick

Zach Black
OVER 7 years AGO

I saw a write-up in North Shore Times when Beetlebox launched, had never heard of the concept before and kept the cutting all this time! I compared the prices to one other competitor but Beetlebox was better, and more local. My movers said the boxes were better than ones they have used before, and I noticed they could move things more quickly than cardboard boxes (which meant I would pay less on an hourly charge). I did also notice that the movers didn't always care that much if I had marked a box 'Fragile' - it got treated pretty much the same as all the others - so I had peace of mind knowing that so long as my fragile things were in a Beetlebox they weren't getting squashed.
Glen was a great guy to deal with - friendly, polite and professional. So - spend a bit more money getting these and save yourself a whole lot of time and hassle during the exhausting experience of moving house.

Lorna Conl
OVER 7 years AGO

Great concept and service. Boxes were really clean and it was great to have the impetus of their collection to finish the unpacking quickly. Thanks guys!

Caitlin Flett
OVER 7 years AGO

I've moved 4 times with 2 kids in the last 18 months across 3 countries. PAINFUL. The last time we moved, we used Beetlebox. BINGO. So simple. Clean boxes were delivered. I stacked them. Labelled them. Fragile items were safe under interlocked plastic lids. I trollied empty boxes from one cupboard to the next (wheels supplied) and kept celebrating the fact that I didn't have to bend over!!! The guy who delivered the boxes was lovely. A week later the boxes were collected. Beetlebox is an efficient, environmentally friendly business that made my life A WHOLE LOT EASIER!!!!!

Sydney MD
OVER 7 years AGO

I was extremely happy with Beetlebox service. Both the delivery and pickup were made on time (on the dot!) and the boxes were absolutely clean and ready to go. The boxes are sturdy and stack up neatly. The dolly was a life saver! The staff was professional, accommodating, and friendly. I highly recommend using these boxes and Beetlebox.

A packing tip for folks: Don't tie the plastic ties too snugly. Leave some room for the scissors to wedge into the plastic tie loop for cutting the tie for unpacking.

Thanks Beetlebox for the great service!


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