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Bikram Yoga Bayside

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Bikram Yoga Bayside

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OVER 6 years AGO

Not wanting to rain on anyone's parade but my experience here has not been as positive as at other studios. The heat was good but the instruction was not at all personal.

The carpet had large dirty patches on it, was badly worn and smelled and we had to lay on it. I found the bathroom to be not at all clean and instead chose to get into my car smelly and shower at home after class.

I can recommend the yoga but just not at this studio.

OVER 6 years AGO

I agree that with the last review that there are good points (good heating, easy parking) but unfortunately too many bad points to keep me coming back. sums up the attitude of this studio. Yoga is not for the soft? Yoga is for everyone and even they themselves agree.

OVER 7 years AGO

I signed up to TrueLocal just because I saw a couple of negative reviews, and I'd like to add my two cents worth. I've mostly had a very positive experience here, but the quality of the teaching is somewhat variable (I have had classes with four different teachers). I have found my favourite teacher - she offers lots of corrections, is very observant and is very gentle in her approach and in the way she delivers her instructions. She certainly does not recite the script verbatim. But I have had classes with teachers I have not liked - and I'm sure the negative reviewers perhaps experienced a class taught by them. I think there is a need to make sure all teachers are up to the same standard - calm in instruction, and ready to give helpful corrections where necessary. Overall, there is a friendly atmosphere, and I do feel like there is a community of students and teachers. The timetable is also fantastic - several classes a day means there is lots of flexibility to ensure you ...read more

OVER 7 years AGO

Passionate instructors. Pure Bikram, delivered hot. It's not for the soft. Absolutely LOVED it. Go BYB!!

OVER 7 years AGO

This studio looks like an abandoned office. Nothing like a yoga studio. Teachers are unfriendly and plain rude. The Bikram script is quoted verbatim with no corrections offered. I stuck with it for the 10 day period (going 8 times in total) but the bad experience wasn't a once-off. Think again before going to Bikram Bayside!

OVER 7 years AGO

Did you try talking to the studio staff about your concerns? Or did you just post this review? They are really VERY compassionate and understanding. Certainly been my experience anyway.