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Bilby 3D Pty Ltd

3 Reviews
1800 847 333

25, 566 Gardeners Lane

Alexandria, NSW, 2015

25, 566 Gardeners Lane

Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Bilby 3D Pty Ltd

3D Printers, Routers, Scanners. Parts and Supplies

Importers and distributors of desktop sized 3D Printers, 3D Routers and 3D Scanners. We have a wide range of filament (ABS, PLA and much more) and UV setting resins. We don't just sell the machines, we also offer training, technical support and servicing.
We are official sellers of Makerbot, Printrbot and Roland quality prototyping machines. We know about these machines because we are using them every day as part of our 3D printing service - ask for a quote now!
Our showroom and warehouse is in inner Sydney, close to the airport. Our head office is near Bega.

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1800 847 333 (02) 8197 3928
(02) 8079 5971

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  • Makerbot
  • Printrbot
  • FlashForge
  • Roland


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9 months AGO

Avoid! I bought 2 Flashforge Guider 11s printers + $1000 Bilby PLA filament + extras and training, I explained my project and followed their advice. Upon setting up printers problems started immediately with constant print failures - identical problem occurring on both printers. Tried to phone Bilby Tech Support - spent 6 weeks trying and never once got through. Customer support non-existent, they were always busy. E mail support tickets took weeks to be replied to with irrelevant suggestions that didn’t address the problem. Bilby never expressed any concern or returned calls as promised.
I finally discovered that the filament Bilby supplied had small lumps causing the filament to jam in the print heads. By this time both printers were wrecked and I had lost 6 weeks trying to figure out the problem. Finally returned them to Bilby for repair under warranty. Bilbys own service reports lists replacing burnt ...read more

david mc c
OVER 3 years AGO

Run the other way before you use these people.
Had a proiblem with a brand new printer, they took it back to repair but did not package correctlyu when sending it back, it got shook so much in transit that every thing had come loose. I told them i wanted a new printer as it would of been the 2nd repair, so not really a new printer any more.

They spoke with there supplier and sent me a reconditioned printer, that had about half an inch of dirt on it. I told them it was unacceptable I baught a new printer and I end up with a refubushied one. at this point biliby were no longer very helpful they refused to take my calls and if i managed to get through the ...read more

OVER 4 years AGO

Would not touch this company!!! BUYER BEWARE BIGTIME !!!
They are good at selling and nothing else.
If something goes wrong or your not happy with the product
They don't care.
Just lost $2000........

THEY ARE ReSELLERS......thats what they told me face to face.
Meaning they will not honor the manufactures principles or policy's.

OVER 4 years AGO

I'm sorry you feel that way, but we did try repeatedly to explain to you how to use your printer. These are precision machines. Sometimes you need to adjust the level of the printing bed, a fairly straightforward task. This procedure is explained in the user manual (which you admit not reading), was explained to you via phone and our ticketing system, and by me in store.

Perhaps you misunderstood my point when you accused us of making false claims about the machine, citing claims not made by us, but perhaps by the manufacturer or other sellers. I hope you can see that we do not have any control over how others promote the machine. I also suggested that if you were unhappy that you could take it up with the distributor or manufacturer, as a way of helping you with other options.

OVER 4 years AGO

Sorry , but I didn't have a problem with a printer ...... Lol

Must be another one of your happy customers !!!!

But thanks anyway in showing and trying to prove it was the customers fault .... You really don't have a clue Bilby !!

Finger on the pulse .... Not !

OVER 4 years AGO

We don't have many unhappy customers, and we had a particularly difficult one at that time. We would love to hear more about the problems you encountered back in November. Which machine was it that we could not give you more details about because we know a great deal about most of the printers we have, but there are a few where we are not allowed to service them in any way, which makes for a difficult situation for both us and our customers. How is it that you feel that you lost $2000?


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