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BodyWorks Therapy

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Beaumont Hills,

NSW, 2155

BodyWorks Therapy

Kerilyn Osborn Remedial Massage Therapist

Types of massage that I perform include:
?Relaxation Massage
?Remedial Massage
?Sports Massage
?Pregnancy Massage
?Massage for children
These styles of massage use the following, or a selected combination of the following techniques.
Lymphatic massage: Light, rhythmic strokes are used to improve the flow of lymph (colorless fluid that helps fight infection) throughout the body.
Myofascial release: Gentle pressure and body positioning are used to relax and stretch the muscles, fascia (connective tissue), and related structures.
Sports massage: Often used on professional athletes and other active individuals, sports massage can enhance performance and prevent and treat sports related injuries.
Swedish massage: A variety of strokes and pressure techniques are used to enhance the flow of blood to the heart, remove waste products from the tissues, stretch ligaments and tendons, and ease physical and emotional tension.
Trigger point massage: Pressure is applied to ?trigger points? (tender areas where the muscles have been damaged) to alleviate muscle spasms and pain.

What is massage good for?
In general, massage is believed to support healing, boost energy, reduce recovery time after an injury, ease pain, and enhance relaxation, mood, and well being. It is useful for many musculoskeletal problems, such as low back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and sprains and strains. Massage may also relieve depression in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, decrease swelling, alleviate sleep disorders, and improve self image. In the workplace, massage has been shown to melt away stress and enhance mental alertness.

Do you feel you could benefit from a massage? Contact me now to arrange an
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