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Briar Rose Pillows

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Briar Rose Pillows

Losing sleep? Briar Rose pillows are designed to ensure that the time you spend in bed is deeply rejuvenating so that you wake up refreshed without aches and pains.

Our pillows may help
- Improve spinal alignment to help relieve neck & back pain
- Improve quality and duration of sleep
- May help ease breathing and blood flow to help you sleep easier
- Regulate pillow temperature keeping you cool
- Dust mite repellent reducing allergic reactions

Our memory foam is directly injected with cooling gel which regulates temperature to provide a sweat free sleep. This unique approach creates a softer, cooler, mushier memory foam improving your sleep quality and duration allowing you to wake up deeply rejuvenated.

Our pillows are designed to mould to the contours of your neck, cradling your head helping relieve neck and back pain, sleepless nights as well as reduce overall soreness from sleeping. This is achieved by the our uniquely designed ergonomic shaped pillows which follows the natural contours of your body providing the optimum support for your
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