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Bunnings Warwick Store

4 Reviews

43 Palmerin St

Warwick, QLD, 4370

Bunnings Warwick Store

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OVER 3 years AGO

I have spent thousands of dollars in this store over the past 6 months trying to keep money in the local business, but this store continues to disappoint with poor customer service from items being broken or missing to being told that my items have arrived in store for special delivery , on arrival I have found they are not there yet wasting my time and adding more cost to the goods.although there staff are friendly their skills in providing a trouble free experience for the shopper spending their hard earned dollar is undesirable.

thomas peter
OVER 5 years AGO

Love bunnings warwick. Quite often you have to wait for assistance but if they hired more stsff it would increase cost of products. No body complains to aldi for having to pack there own shopping to lower staff requirements to to keep prices down. Im a tradie and if the customer is unsure of what products they need they should jump on bunnings website and research the required product so they know exactly what they need.

OVER 8 years AGO

Generally good store which I will continue to use but some staff need to understand customer service a bit better, one time I wanted some shadecloth and said what I needed in exact measurments, but the staff who was cutting it for me couldn't even work out the simple math needed to know how much to cut, so I had to work it out for them...

Wanted to buy some lengths of wood once, and the other staff member started silly jokes which was unneccesary.

And sometimes you can stand clearly in need of some assistance and free staff rarely ask you if you need help, usually you have to ask first.

Also some staff don't seem to know as much as they should about items they're selling, giving wrong information or having to spend a long time googling the info..

So it's a bit hit and miss with some staff.

OVER 10 years AGO

Bunnings, Warwick, Queensland, Where the phone is more important than the customer.

I went to Bunnings Warwick to buy building materials on 5th July 2012

One person was on the phone at the checkout out back of store with another phone ringing.

A sales person walks up says, "Good day" then answers said phone.

Now I'm a buying customer, I am not going to wait while the staff's on a friggin phone.

Someone on the phone is only a potential buying customer.

There are no guarantees there, Once that joker hangs up you got nothing.

Exactly what you get from me now because you'll never get another dollar of mine.

This has happened before and I have copped it sweet. Well no more.

You can shove you bunnings store where the sun don't shine.


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