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Martial Arts

Burridge Martial Arts Academy

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2, 136 Bannister Rd

Canning Vale, WA, 6155

Burridge Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts Secrets to Raising Confident and Successful Kids

we specialize in transforming kids into confident, respectful, healthy young adults who can also protect themselves whenever needed. Sadly... a lot of kids will unexpectedly head down the 'wrong path' in life with little to no direction despite good parenting and a stable upbringing. You'll find out exactly why as you read this special report, but don't panic... because there is some good news! With the right outside influence and mentoring... you can relax knowing you're child will have the physical, ental and emotional strength to cope in life and handle almost any situation on their own when your not there. You'll see what I mean when you start reading.
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OVER 10 years AGO

My son is 16 years old with "high functioning autism". We have never found a sport of any sort that suited him. In Dec 2009 we walked into Burridge Martial Arts in Midland. The instructors at this acadamy are worth their weight in gold. They take the time to listen and teach my child at the level that he understands and push him just that little bit further so that he feels he is achieving and progressing in a skill that benefits not only his physical fitness but enables his to develop the confidence to cope with the challanges of everyday life. I have also met the instructors from the other Burrdge Acadamy's and am pleased to say, their philosophy and caring attitude is the same no matter which gym you train at. Thank you Burridge for giving my son the skills that will no doubt help him throughout his life.

OVER 11 years AGO

After a very messy separation, my self esteem and confidence in relationships had plummeted. I joined the team at BMA and started to train 2-3 times per week, I met some fantastic people and looked forward to when I could train next! I wanted to become a black belt as it made me feel strong and confident, like I could take on the world! My family could see the change in me in such a short space of time. I would recommend the challenge to anyone!

I wanted more.. So I upgraded to the leadership program even became an assistant instructor.

I achieved my first-degree black belt with pride and also met the love of my life!!

Thanks Burridge...

Helen King-Ross

OVER 11 years AGO

There are many positive experiences with our children going through the Burridge Martial Arts Program. Instead of sitting on the couch at home for 4 years, they have achieved their Black Belts from spending three days per week at the Centre. One of our children is Autistic, and the pattern routines have helped him in his organisational and coordination skills, which are attributed to the Martial Arts. The children are now motivated to learn more in the Leadership Program, and we support them.

A & W Attwood

(Students Ashley, Mitchell and Andrew Attwood)

OVER 11 years AGO

Eli-John Murphy having been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5; giving him a pill was the only treatment option presented to his family. Elis family had many concerns about undesirable side effects and decided that this was not what they wanted for Eli and knew there must be another way to manage Elis condition. At that time his grandmother had heard of martial arts training and his family decide they would try this ...read more

OVER 11 years AGO

My kids train at Burridge and it is the best school I have come across rally big on respect and discipline worth a look.


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