Caffe Primo

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976 North East Rd

Modbury, SA, 5092

Caffe Primo

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Mark 017
OVER 3 years AGO

New look, new menu. Even worse than before. I ordered a spaghetti bolognaise, which I thought an "authentic" Italian eatery would have no problem delivering.
The meat sauce looked and tasted like it came out of a tin. Very salty, and tasted like preservatives. I ate two forkfuls and decided to abandon it.
My parter got a chicken salad which she thought was quite nice. That is, until she found a bug on a piece of red onion and didn't want to eat it anymore.
I'm not normally one to complain but on this occasion I decided that something needed to be said.
I politely went to the counter and told them what I thought of the meal. I told them about the spaghetti first, the girl I spoke to assured me nothing was tinned and it was "fresh everyday". I doubt it, I have had better microwave more

local star
1665 Reviews
OVER 5 years AGO

Came back here last week because I wanted something quick - perhaps the most disappointing thing was it took over 25 minutes for our table's meals to come, and it wasn't that busy. Serving sizes were large enough, but taste was average at best and unpalatable at worst. Every single person on the table agreed that the chips were way too salty - they were absolutely coated with salt. Price was overpriced for what we got.
The only positive was the pancakes were nice.

local star
1607 Reviews
OVER 7 years AGO

Big cafe primo this one is, spacious and busy. The pasta I ordered was a little bland but the burger my aunty had was nice. Still like that you get a complimentary pancake with your meal at dinner- love primo pancakes!

local star
1665 Reviews
OVER 7 years AGO

Unfortunately I think the quality and value for money here has dropped considerably since it opened a few years ago. Used to be a huge selection of choices for a set price, now the set menu is just a few dishes.
Went here for dessert & coffeee the other night and left with several less dollars than I started with (though the pancakes are only $1.50!). Unfortunately too the first slice of cake we got was as dry as dust on one side (?maybe the side that had been cut and left out), though to their credit they replaced it without any problems - but still not what I would have expected. Also we'd ordered a 'chocolate pizza' dessert, told it would be 5 minutes - 20 minutes later I had to ask & they unapologetically told me it would be another 10 minutes. When it came out, I was surprised that something so small would take 30 minutes to prepare.

OVER 8 years AGO

Agree with most reviews, staff never smile. Menu is awesome and Food is great though, but hate how staff make you feel very awkward for asking for the pancakes at the end. Don't offer a freebie if you really don't want to honour it.
We all love the pancakes.


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