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7 Merinee Rd

Gosford, NSW, 2250

Central Coast Taxis - Head Office

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WoyWoy Resident
OVER 6 years AGO

Interestingly there doesn't appear to be a recent positive review. The operator was the rudest, most arrogant person I have ever dealt with. We tried to book a taxi from Copacabana, the operator asked for a post code. we gave him 2251. his response was "that postcode is for Kincumber, you need to go away and think about where you are". Arrogant is too nice a word. The idiot didn't seem to realise that 2251 covers multiple suburbs including Avoca, Copacabana, Kincumber etc. When we asked for his name he refused saying it was none of our business. Worst experience ever. I'll give them half a star as we received 2 texts telling us a taxi was on its way, but nothing arrived to pick us up.

OVER 6 years AGO

This is the most disgusting taxi service in Australia Rude ignorant operators no customer service skills what so ever they also need some lessons in manners . We need BER on The Central Coast NOW!!!!!!

OVER 7 years AGO

Waldo was forced to go half of ONE STAR just as he was almost forced off the road by a Central Coast Taxi. Problem was I had concrete barriers on one side and cars the other. Needless to say the damage would have been significant.

After the near miss with Taxi number 25++, I immediately called the 13 number posted on the side, yes to complain and report the dangerous driving. Taxi 25++ drove away at approx., 70km/h in a 40km zone.

Operator was rude, abruptly hanging up claiming not to take complaints. Calling back I exclaimed I was not complaining yet advising I would be calling Police about a dangerous Taxi driver, driving a Central Coast Cab.

Operator exclaimed Central Coast Taxis had no duty of care to the public and my complaint would not be recorded.... I reminded operator the calls are recorded. Operator again abruptly hung up.

Central Coast Taxis///Couldn't really care less.


OVER 7 years AGO

Extremely rude operators, bad service.
We really need a better taxi company on the coast, the market is ripe for picking even with a mediocre service. Anything is better than them.

OVER 8 years AGO

My lovely 84 year old Grandmother was shockingly refused by two central Coast taxi drivers, to be taken up a hill that would've been a two minute drive. She has a heart condition and it took her 45 minutes to make it up the hill to Gosford hospital. I can't believe that two taxi drivers thought it wasn't worth to take her two minutes up the massive hill because it would've been too small a fare!! I'm disgusted.


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