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Television Stations

Channel 9

14 Reviews

Sir Samuel Griffith Dr

Mount Coot-tha, QLD, 4066

Channel 9

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con torrisi
4 months AGO

Dear Weather Department,
Why are the Southern Downs including the Granite Belt omitted from your weather maps? Please, I beg you to include these cities on your weather charts.
Given that Stanthorpe often has the coldest temperatures it only makes sense to include it on your charts.
Also, our communities depend upon tourism so including these destinations (including the maximum/minimum) temperatures is a simple way of promoting these destinations. Channel 7 does include our townships. I'm sure Channel 9 could amend their waether charts to include our communities. It would be so appreciated to know we rate a mention.

Sports Fan
OVER a year AGO

I am appalled at the bias commentry on tonights Brocos game. Gould and company were way out of line and did themselves and the game a real disservice. Their bias against the Broncos being successful is disgraceful, and is becoming more prevalent with every game. Your commentators should be unbiases, they are not - in fact I believe they are doing the game great harm. The drivel they talk is mind blowing. I'm a very disillusioned viewer.

OVER a year AGO

I think the commentators think they "are" the game . i totally gree with Sport Fan. we find their insertion of themselves on every game puts us off watching. PLEASE just commentate on the game, we can see the rest for ourselves,

OVER a year AGO

How about sacking all the reporters and just televise content pre recorded and sent to you by organisations and companies?, just like you do with the racq, embarrassing, lazy news...

Miles Bell
OVER 2 years AGO

A thought about the news telecast, Wednesday evening, 27th September:-

I hope the editors by now have explained to the young reporter that "off of" is not good professional English. He said it twice while referring to a truck incident.

In the same newscast a young girl said something was again "like normal". I hope she by now she has been told that schoolgirl vocab. can be improved when trying to do a grown-up job, and "back to normal" or "as usual" would be more appropriate.

Ian Walsh
OVER 2 years AGO

How did Sunday night's weather report list Logan City's temperatures as 11-11, when surrounding suburbs were in the region of 6-21, which is fact, was what I recorded Logan as having. Doesn't such low temperatures in contrast to other places ring a bell with those responsible for producing it?


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