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Charlies Cafe

5 Reviews


NSW, 2011

Charlies Cafe

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(02) 9358 4443
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local star
206 Reviews
a month AGO

Went in here for a quick bite to eat for lunch. Nothing much to write home about, the inside is like a take away bar - the food is mainly burgers and chips with a few sammy's that you can order outside of that as well. They have roast chicken that they make their chicken sandwiches with. The only issue I had was that they left the chunks of skin on the chicken when making my chicken roll. I had to pull out bits of my sammy. This wasn't fun. Also there were bits of bone attached as well that thankfully I saw and pulled out before I tried to eat it. If you wish to serve roasted chicken, please please please at least take the bones out people!

Review to win entry OVER a year AGO

Quick and cheap. Great food here and service is even better. Hot chips and freshly squeezed orange juice is on point.

David Sarkies
local star
1154 Reviews
OVER a year AGO

This is one of those plain cafes were you can get a coffee or a small sandwich for lunch. I'm not really sure how I landed up here because it is fairly plain – nothing all that fancy. However it is still a nice inexpensive place for a small lunch, which is what I had (a beef roll). It was actually quite nice, and really fresh as well. Talking about fresh, they also squeeze their own orange juice, though that can take a little time because the method that they use is actually quite slow. However if you are willing to wait they do come out with a pretty delicious orange juice, containing the pulp as well if that is what you like (as I do). The staff were quite friendly, and it didn't take them long to make my meal, and for a place for a quick bite to eat it isn't bad at all.

OVER 4 years AGO

this is molly i was walking on Cowpers wharf rd today and i stopped at this shop called charlies cafe there food was so cheap !!!!! amazing, fresh burgers , great view, nice space, nice service i even met the lady jenny. she brought over my coffee there muffins are unexceptionable. next time you need a place to stop for a burger go to charlie cafe :) go check them out !!!!!!!

OVER 9 years AGO

Charlies has the best burgers at the great prices in the best location ever!! The open times are very strange, so strange I can't even tell you! But if you around Cowpers wharf & it's open... definitely give it a whirl!!


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