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Clean Strip Mobile Soda Blasting

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Barameda Rd

Albany, WA, 6330

Clean Strip Mobile Soda Blasting


Clean Strip is a MOBILE soda blasting business servicing Albany and the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.

If you can't get to us, we will come to you!

Soda blasting is the same process as abrasive blasting except the media used is food grade bi-carbonate of soda which is:
- Non-toxic
- Non-hazardous
- Non-corrosive
- Non-flammable
- Water soluble
- Mould resistant

Soda blasting will remove paint, powdercoating, oil, grease, glue, baked on carbon, anti-foul, lacquers and varnishes, calcium, bitumen, mould, sound deadener, stains and SO MUCH MORE.

We remove graffiti. We can remove paint and other coatings from your restoration project without damaging the underlying surface. The applications for the automotive industry are endless. WE LOVE CARS AND BIKES and all manner of MACHINERY! Soda blasting is gentle on vehicle and motorbike panels. Your restoration project can be completely stripped to reveal the original metal without damage. We can clean up your engine bay or gearbox gently and effectively - you don't need to dismantle anything. Soda blasting is so gentle that it won't damage glass, rubber or hydraulic hoses. Alloys can be polished to an impressive "as new" finish.

We can remove signwriting with zero or minimal damage to the underlying painted surface. A huge cost saving compared to complete paint removal and re-signwriting.

We can soda blast grease and grime from commercial kitchens.

We can clean food processing plants safely as we use no chemicals.

Our process aids in identifying cracks and is very useful in assessing structural damage after fires. Soda blasting is also used in the non-destructive testing of cranes and other hydraulic equipment.

Don't forget about cleaning the BOAT!

We just love what we do!
Give us a call and let us help you decide whether soda blasting is the right solution for your cleaning or stripping challenge.

Keith and Diane - very happy to help you however we more


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