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Sporting Goods Retailers

Cleaver Firearms

52 Reviews

275 Oxley Ave

Margate, QLD, 4019

Cleaver Firearms

Contact details

(07) 3883 1733
(07) 3284 6611
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a month AGO

I like Clever firearms, they have a large store with lots of items for sale. However, their customer service is slow, very slow, borderline ridiculous slow. When you finally do get someone to help you they are great, but a 30min to 50min wait is not out of the question. The other gripe I have is their website, it’s great in its user functionality, but don’t buy anything off it. They most likely don’t have it in stock. I was looking on their website for a rifle that they had on special, and decided I’d drive up to the store and purchase it. Well, I got there and they told me it wasn’t in stock and they had no ETA on if they will ever get it in. I was so lucky I didn’t purchase it online, as it’s been 9 months and they still don’t have that rifle in stock.
So my advice is to ring them before completing an online purchase. And if you go to the store, be prepared to wait for service, and I mean really wait a long time.

2 months AGO

I literally signed up just to write this. I never write reviews but this is necessary. I would 100% NOT EVER reccomend this place. The worst and I mean WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. I purchased an Adler 410 In January 2019, it is now the 14th of May 2019 and it still isn't here. Every time I chase it up someone tells me it will be "here in 2 weeks" now all of a sudden there is no eta.. Also bought a 308 package and they fitted a 223 scope to it, and I was promiced the origional mag when I bought it but when I picked it up they would not give it to me. I also bought a Ruger American 22lr package and was promiced the original mag but they would not give it to me when I picked it up. There are however a few good staff who like to help (well atleast there were). I get the feeling they are trash to work for thus their staff turn over is high. Literally will never EVER buy another gun from this shop.. EVER AGAIN. 100% THUMBS DOWN!! Fine for buying ...read more

3 months AGO

i signed up just to write this.....

bought a new gun was faulty, worst service ive ever received from any company had to contact the manufacturer directly to get it sorted under warranty steer clear

4 months AGO

I paid for a new Adler shotgun and they sent a second hand gun that was scratched and filthy dirty with the accessory/container being totally broken and unusable. The package included no documentation at all and the gun arrived in box for a different brand.
This is not a trustworthy business DO NOT buy anything from them online because they will just send whatever rubbish they have in stock. I have to get the credit card charge reversed to get my money refunded

This Affliction
4 months AGO

The fact that I (sombody who typically cant be botherred reviewing thigs) went to the effort of making a 'True Local' account just so that i could leave a review for this shop should tell you something.

Cleaver Firearms have a great range of products which are priced rather competitively, but......and this is a big but. Their customer service is absolutely horrendous, you can expect to be standing at one of their counters for anywhere from 30 to 90 mins before you either finally get serviced or decide that life's too short and leave the store cursing that you shall never ...read more


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