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Air Conditioning & Heating Installation

Climate Technologies

17 Reviews

444-446 South Gippsland Hwy

Dandenong South, VIC, 3175

Climate Technologies

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a month AGO

Unfortunately, I can't give them zero stars so I had to do 1 star. The service centre operators are disgustingly rude and have zero listening skills and no empathy whatsoever. Karen and Tiana have been horribly rude. Tiana claimed to be a DM but she is a Client Liaison. For a Client Liaison to hang up on you is pretty low. You should have the skills to be able to deal with customers in a respectful manner and with empathy. Apparently, there is no one in authority that works past 4pm at this place. I have been waiting for them to call me to organise a service with 2 young kids that suffer from asthma and in VIC, winter has been horrible. They asked for paperwork in my original phone call to be sent through which I did within 30 mins approximately. The sad thing is as much as we can call for a boycott of this horrible company, volume builders continue to give them business as they provide budget builders' range units. Also, in the whole company, they only have 1 ...read more

OVER a year AGO

I could have given 0 star if the system allowed me to. Climate Technologies have sold me lowest quality products which failed not only once but twice. The water regulator for my newly installed evaporative cooling system failed and caused heavy water leakages. It took them weeks to send someone to attend the problem. Faulty regulator was replaced by a brand new unit and it failed again! Again it took them weeks to send someone out for replacement. I ended up with a water bill for more than $1,200 before I even moved in! I lodged a complaint and tried to claim my water usage charges back. 3 weeks and a half has passed and a so called Customer Liaison Officer replied and claimed not liable to any loss as a result of the purchase or installation of a product from Climate Technologies. Goodwill and responsibilities mean nothing to this company. They just sell you low quality products and replace it with another. Any loss or damage caused by their ...read more

OVER 3 years AGO

This is one of the worse heating and cooling company technician can't even provide service report on the day and no receipt. apparently for privacy reason that they cannot provide first time I heard this explanation. Don't deal with climate technologies.

OVER 4 years AGO

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Heating broke down after 2 years of cutting in and out, they came out and told me the board needed replacing and went ahead and charged me 600 dollars, thankfully I did not pay on the spot. 3 weeks later the heating didn't work again. I rang them and told them and they said they would not come out again until the 600 dollars was paid, I explained that they didn't fix it so why should I pay them, they insisted that they would not come out until the bill was paid even though I had a sick child who could not be in the cold air at night. In desperation I called a local contractor who explained that it was only a loose wire, fixed it on the spot and told me that I did not have to pay straight away just to ensure that the heating would continue to work. Climate Technologies insisted I pay 600 dollars for something that they did not fix, beware of this company!!!!!!!!!!

OVER 5 years AGO

DO NOT INSTALL BONAIRE REVERSE CYCLE AIRCON. I have had two of these units in a new home built in 2007 and BOTH units required service calls from the time they were installed and then several times a year since then. An electrician from the installation company said that the units should have been replaced by Bonaire but they would not come to the party. Today, at the coldest time of the year, one unit has broken down again. As the units haven't broken down for the last twelve months, one of them was obviously due to collapse - they've never worked for more than a few months at a time. Never again would I deal with Bonaire or Climate Technologies.


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