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Coburg Aquarium

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232-236 Bell St

Coburg, VIC, 3058

Coburg Aquarium

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(02) 5840 9392


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OVER 3 years AGO

Hit and miss - mostly misses. Long time customer, going on almost 20 years now.. and whilst I’ve had the occasional decent experience (you need to know who to ask) I’ve had countless bad experiences with most of the ‘disposable staff’ that come and go, and only in it for their pay a firm believer it’s up to individuals to so their own research and know that they are capable of caring for whatever fish they want to buy, and if they can’t care for it properly than just don’t buy it. That being said, staff SHOULD know their basics and many staff are just literally clueless. You might even get bad advice! Like ‘yes you can keep this baby monster fish in your tiny aquarium’ just to make a sale. For shame. They have decent selection of stock, and prices aren’t so bad considering.. but buying fish from this store is a HUGE gamble. Many have survived, but equally a shame many seem to die after just a few days. I’ve bought many a fish from here (including expensive more

OVER 4 years AGO

Couldn't be more disappointed after my recent visit to Coburg Aquarium. We traveled in yesterday for my sons 9th birthday, spend over $300 and completed a Gecko setup as his birthday gift. We got home, set it up and last night attempted to feed them some crickets, we went out and when we came home 3 out of the 4 crickets were gone. Later that night we found 2 on our kitchen floor. We called and were advised to bring the enclosure back in (purchased for $150) i went back in with the kids only to be told there was nothing wrong with it and perhaps i could tape up the small gaps. I then spoke to Jacob the Operations Manager, his advise was to switch the Gecks to a diet of worms. I asked if this is what other people did and was advised no they were able to feed Crickets but they didn't get out but that there was nothing wrong with my enclosure. The only suggestion he had was accusing my kids of letting them out without me knowing (although it had been on more

OVER 4 years AGO

very unhhapy with their livestock. I purchased some different fishes online from them and apparently they were sick or something. once i introduced them into my fishtank, alot of my fishes started to die one after another. i toke the water to get it tested cause i though i probably did something with the chemistry of the water but no it was none of this. those new fishes which i got from them had some sort of BACTERIAL INFECTION and gave it to my old fishses which i already had. I lost more than 15 fishes which is a shame.

OVER 4 years AGO

So my 5 year old got a starter kit for his birthday from a well intentioned relative, great!!
The water was a little murky after 24 hours and he had been given 3 small goldfish with the 20 ltr tank. So we trundled off to Coburg Aquarium to get some advice on treating the tank, getting a better filter and maybe adding some friends for the resident fish.
Oh my.... First we couldn't get any service, so we got a number. Fifteen minutes later we get a very disinterested young team member. My wife and son, announce we would like some friends for our gold fish!!
Wrong question, we then recieved a tirade that we are the worst pet abusers in the world because we have overpopulated the tank, our son was scolded more

Channelle xmas27
OVER 5 years AGO

Great sevice and fish turn up when they say and I thank to all staff help full trish diprose


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