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Corio Bay Medical Centre

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15 Goulburn Ave

Corio, VIC, 3214

Corio Bay Medical Centre

I've worked as a Massage Therapist in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula for over ten years, and in that time I've developed some very interesting and effective techniques to help get you back to your normal-self quickly and safely.

You may not know that all your muscles and organs rely on a smooth, steady flow of energy from your nervous system. This nervous energy comes from the nerves of your spine (See picture on right). It's a bit like a nice even flow of electricity to a light globe, which in turn gives off a nice even glow of light. When muscles "spasm" or tighten up, it's usually because this flow of energy is being interrupted. It's like the light globe flickering on and off, so that the muscles or organs that rely on that energy flow can't function properly.

Because spinal nerves service different areas of your body, the pain you feel in your shoulder might not really be a shoulder problem. It could be referred pain from your back!

Spasmed muscles cause a few of other interesting things to happen too. One is, the flow of blood and other nutrients to that muscle (and maybe it group) is restricted, which compounds the problem. Also, your skeleton is stressed, and can be pulled out of symmetry, because your muscles attach to it. This can contribute to your already restricted range of motion. Thirdly of course, you feel pain; your body's way of letting you know something's wrong.

My job is to help you find out what's really going on with your muscles, and what's actually causing them to be tight and sore, then to try to resolve that, so that you're muscle function can be restored to normal.

That translates to pain relief, improved flexibility and a feeling of real well-being. Just what you need if you suffer from chronic pain, or even acute pain that can slow you down and restrict your movement.

My unique style of treatment has proven over and over to effectively bring muscles back to their normal state.
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